Bookfessional: Life Imitates Art (@jessicadhaluska, @chattaderby, @seananmcguire)

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Bookfessional: Life Imitates Art

I went to a roller derby match last weekend. It was my first, but it won’t be my last, especially if bff joins their ranks as she’s currently planning.

And why did I go to my first roller derby match?

B/c one of the main characters in an urban fantasy series I love plays roller derby.

InCryptid by Seanan McGuire, if you’re curious (but you’ll have to read several installments before you reach the roller derby awesomeness, FYI).

Prior to reading about it, I (of course) knew what roller derby was—I’d seen Whip It, thankyouverymuch—but I had no idea my city had its own league, and I wasn’t interested enough to check it out independently.


McGuire brought the sport to life.

Through her InCryptid series, I learned how roller derby is actually played, b/c no, it’s not just a bunch of women with not-so-vaguely threatening monikers skating around in circles.

And it sounded FUN.

So I went. And it was fun.

Not just the game, but the crowd too. Roller derby fans are great. They share the business cards of their spectacular colorists and guard your seat so you can coo at the two-for-$20 kittens brought for adoption by one of the team sponsors.

It was an all-around fantastic experience.

And I (probably) never would’ve done it if I hadn’t read about it first.

What about you? What have you done b/c books?

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