Review: The Tides of Bára by Jeffe Kennedy (@mlsimmons, @jeffekennedy)

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Review: The Tides of Bára by Jeffe Kennedy (@mlsimmons, @jeffekennedy)
The Tides of Bára by Jeffe Kennedy
Series: Sorcerous Moons #3
Published by Indie
Published on: October 29, 2016
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 174
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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A Narrow Escape

With her secrets uncovered and her power-mad brother bent on her execution, Princess Oria has no sanctuary left. Her bid to make herself and her new barbarian husband rulers of walled Bára has failed. She and Lonen have no choice but to flee through the leagues of brutal desert between her home and his—certain death for a sorceress, and only a bit slower than the blade.

A Race Against Time

At the mercy of a husband barely more than a stranger, Oria must war with her fears and her desires. Wild desert magic buffets her; her husband’s touch allures and burns. Lonen is pushed to the brink, sure he’s doomed his proud bride and all too aware of the restless, ruthless pursuit that follows…

A Danger Beyond Death…

Can Oria trust a savage warrior, now that her strength has vanished? Can Lonen choose her against the future of his people? Alone together in the wastes, Lonen and Oria must forge a bond based on more than lust and power, or neither will survive the test…

Magical Fantasy Cover Love

I’ve really enjoyed this series. I love the fantasy worlds that Jeffe Kennedy creates. This series being less of a fantasy romance, and more a fantasy with a bit of romance built in. The hero and heroine of this series come from two completely different cultures. Cultures that ended up in war that left both of them with loss.

In the previous book, Lonen and Oria get married. This is partly for political reasons, well mostly political reasons. There is a spark between the two of them. There is also the fact that Oria is pained and made ill from his touch, well, anyone’s touch. So, that makes being married a little difficult. Things get even more difficult when they are forced to leave Bára. Oria doesn’t leave it’s walls because of wild magics outside of the city.

This story is a bit slower than the previous two books. There is some really great action at the beginning. Then it is a journey story. While I did miss the action from the previous stories, it was nice to see these two learn more about each other. It is also good to mention that this journey is not without danger, just not as much of the adrenaline kind of danger. Our couple finally has some time to get to know each and come closer together. There was also some great time with my favorite character, Chuffta (great quote with him below LOL).

While I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first two books in this series, I did still really enjoy it. I really love the world that Ms. Kennedy has created. I also really enjoy the characters. I love watching them grow and come together. Even in the parts that are slower, Ms. Kennedy kept me entertained. I’m a pretty big fan of action, so when a book isn’t full of a lot of action, it had better have some really great characters, which this one has. Oria and Lonen are anything but perfect, but they are all the more interesting for it. Having Chuffta added so much. He is more than a pet, but less than a human. He added some great fun to parts that might have been a little dull to an action junkie like myself. I’m really excited to get to the final book in the series, which I believe will be out early next year.

“Yes, Your Highness,” she snapped, moving at a half-run down the grand hall to her mother’s rooms. With his longer stride, Lonen kept up easily.
“I like the sound of that,” he told her. “Finally, a little respect and humility from my scary sorceress wife.”
“You wish,” she retorted and he laughed, that big, rich sound. The Destry king had a remarkable ability to find humor in the most dire circumstances. Perhaps all the Destrye were like that, but somehow she didn’t think so.

Closer by, Chuffta worked intently to drag what looked like a tree limb to a blazing bonfire. He had his wings spread and managed it by half-flying, half-hopping on one leg, and wrestling the thing with mouth, tail and the free foot.
“What are you doing?” she asked aloud, for Lonen’s benefit, though the words scraped her raw throat.
“I’m feeding the fire,” he chirped happily. “Keeping you warm!”
Lonen groaned. “Hey, man. Enough with the fire. You’ll roast us.”
“No?” Chuffta paused, releasing the limb with foot and mouth, but keeping his tail wrapped around it. He sounded terribly disappointed. He cocked his head atht eh fire, “Maybe just one more?”
“No more, please Chuffta.” She rubbed at her gritty, sensitive eyes, though it only made them water more. She certainly wasn’t weeping. She blinked them open to find Lonen grinning and grimacing at once. “I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” she said ducking her face so he wouldn’t see.
“I like fire! It’s hot.”

The Sorcerous Moons Series

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My Review

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  1. It is a good thing you enjoy these characters since the story “slowed” significantly. I understand journey stories, their importance in a series, but when you’re used to action, it can be a drag. It says a lot that you still had a good time with this book because of the world building and the characters. Those quotes gave me a chuckle though so I can see the connection between the characters is good. 🙂
    Have a great week, Melanie!
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