Review: My Protector by Alanea Alder (@Mollykatie112)

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Review: My Protector by Alanea Alder (@Mollykatie112)
My Protector by Alanea Alder
Series: Bewitched and Bewildered #2
Published by Indie
Published on: December 22, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 276
Format: eBook
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Gavriel Ambrosios has been dreaming of his accident prone mate for weeks. Now that he is nearing the apex of his vampiric transition, she has made her way to Lycaonia, just when he is at his most dangerous.

Elizabeth Monroe was planning on staying in Lycaonia while humans forgot about the swan dive she took out of her boss’s office window. Little did she know that this short side trip was about to become permanent. Gavriel is the mate she has always dreamed of. Even as he sweeps her off her feet his need to protect her has him pushing her away. She’s both concerned with and drawn to his darker nature, but is determined to see him through his transition.

In the shadows their enemy has targeted Gavriel when they know he is at his most vulnerable. They creep ever closer to the Alpha estate putting the men on high alert.

But as the days get shorter and the nights get longer Elizabeth begins to wonder, which is the bigger threat? The enemy or her mate?

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A few months ago, I read and reviewed, My Commander, the first in this series and was completely charmed by the characters, the world building, the story line, pretty much everything, although there were some rough patches here and there. I finally got to read the second one recently, and I wish I could say it was a good as the first one.

Gavriel is an ancient vampire who lives in the same magical hidden city of Lycaonia where the first book also takes place. He’s been dreaming of his mate, and the dreams are scaring him due to his mate being a complete klutz, and being hurt all the time. Elizabeth comes to Lycaonia and immediately upon seeing Gavriel, knows he is her mate. On Gavriel’s part he recognizes her from his dreams. But Gavriel has a problem, he is going through a major vampiric transition that happens only at certain stages of a vampires life. Once he is done, he will be stronger and have more powers. It also makes him aggressive, mean, and causes him to want to drink blood all the time. Elizabeth isn’t scared though, having grown up in a vampire controlled town. Elizabeth isn’t a vampire, instead, she is a bunny shifter. At no time did they mention the word rabbit, everyone called her a bunny.

This was a pretty good premise to start with. However, although we do get that part of the story, in actuality, the couple from the first book, Meryn and Aiden, should have been listed as co-couple along with Gavriel and Elizabeth. And while I really liked Meryn in the first book, I found myself a bit irritated with her at every turn in this installment. She’s still hyper, still unfiltered, still owner of a potty mouth, still everything she was in the first book. There’s been no growth due to her being mated now, or maybe I should say, she still acts like a teenager, at age thirty four. On Aiden’s part, he’s still pretty much a neanderthal. Whereas I laughed a lot in the first book at their antics, I don’t think I laughed at all this time around. Well okay, I did laugh once that I can remember. Another one of those trips to the human store for Aiden, and it was fun.

I honestly didn’t dislike the book. It was enjoyable at times, and I did like when Gavriel and Elizabeth had alone time together, although that wasn’t as often as you would think in a book that was supposed to be their book. If you aren’t a fan of insta-love, well then this series would be disappointing to you. I did like the world building by the author. The hidden, spelled towns in various parts of the world, each controlled by the different factions-shifters, vampires, Fae, and witches, was different. Feral supernatural beings trying to start a war of sorts was also a good part of the book and added suspense to the story. And while I felt like I got to know Gavriel’s personality, I really didn’t feel like I knew that much about Elizabeth by the end. I think Meryn’s big personality just overrode Elizabeth’s personality, so that nothing really stood out for me, other than her love of fashion and being a good organizer. And the fact that she is a major klutz.

I do plan to read the next book in the series as some of the other characters are dreaming of their mates as well, and I want to see what happens. This is an adult read due to language and plenty of sexy times.

Bewitched and Bewildered Series

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20 responses to “Review: My Protector by Alanea Alder (@Mollykatie112)

  1. I’m usually a fan of “unfiltered, potty-mouthed” characters but sometimes, one can tell when the characterization is done in such a way that it’s obviously trying too hard. I like the premise, too but sorry this sounds a bit like a disappointment.

  2. I had that happen with another series, but it was the couple’s story that came after in the next book that pushed aside the current couple that needed a lot more development so I get your disappointment. Sad that the first couple is still struggling with the same ol’ stuff, too. Hopefully book three will be better.

  3. I’m happy this wasn’t a complete disappointment, Lorna, even if it wasn’t as enjoyable as the first in the series. It’s too bad the synopsis wasn’t more forthcoming about what this book would include – at least that way you would have been prepared. I get a little cranky over that. 🙂 At least the world building is good. And maybe the next books will be better because you’ll feel like you know what’s coming. Maybe? Great review! 😀

  4. That sounds fun with how he dreams of his mate and her being a complete klutz. And she’s a bunny shifter? That seems like an interesting combination a bunny shifter and a vampire. It does sound interesting how you saw more of the first couple again, but at the same time I can see how that leaves with less time for this couple and that does sound like a shame as then their relationship gets less attention. The world building and this world sound interesting and I am glad this was a good one mostly. Great review!
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