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The platform from which I will launch various and sundry bookish and/or nerdery topics for discussion. Or ranting. Probably in equal proportion.

There will be no rhyme or reason. I may do it once a week OR once a month—basically, whenever the mood strikes me.

Potential future topics:

1. Why do doppelgängers of boyfriends past keep showing up in comic book movies/sitcoms, and am I the only one having this problem?

2. FUNKO pops, I love ’em.

3. Suicide Squad: was it as awesome as the hype?

4. GoT, Season Six: WHAT IS HAPPENING?!



SO. My review of FABLES, Volume 1 posted on Wednesday, and since I read it last weekend . . . I’ve read the other twenty-one volumes. YES. You read that correctly. All twenty-two volumes. #cantstopwontstop

My Goodreads 2016 Reading Goal is in excellent shape.

How is that even possible?


Well . . . Firstly, graphic novels are mostly pretty pictures, and secondly, they’re significantly shorter than the average novel. So not that hard if you’re ADDICTED determined.

And I definitely was.

Part of it was the art. Part of it was the concept—fairytale characters relocated to New York City to escape the tyranny of the Adversary taking over in the Homelands. And surprisingly (to me), part of it was the characters.

I scoffed at that possibility early on—how could graphic novel characters be as well-developed as traditional novel characters? You have what are essentially cartoons and dialogue vs. pages and pages of written development. No comparison, right?



Not to mention the fresh new spins on old stories. Several of my favorite plot threads grew out of my least favorite childhood stories, like THE WIZARD OF OZ.

I tried to read the books when I was younger, but I didn’t like Oz for the same reason I didn’t like Wonderland: too effing weird.

And yet, when this happened, I lol’d for probably a solid five minutes:


Occasionally, it still makes me laugh . . . Two lollipops . . . *giggle snorts*

Then, in the same issue (Volume 20, I believe), a separate plot thread had me crying, b/c just like in the best books, the characters had become REAL.

And that’s all I’m after, folks. Good characters doing interesting things. So for my money, this little journey I’ve taken with the residents of Fabletown, and a million other worlds besides, has taught me that graphic novels can be every bit as compelling as full-length books.

What about you? Have you tried graphic novels? What was your experience?

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13 responses to “Bookfessional: Graphic Novels (@jessicadhaluska)

  1. I wasn’t sure if I would like graphic novels so I have been taking things that are familiar with me already and reading them and so far I like them and have branched out a little but not much…lol. My first one was The Dresden Files since I love me some Harry Dresden and it was great so I branched out and read a horror one which was strange…Harrow County. This Fable series looks really interesting. 🙂

    • Yeah, it was pretty much the same for me—too many traditional books on my TBR to add anything new. BUT. I was kinda book-funky and instead of falling back on my standard palate cleanse of contemporary romance, I went this route.

      I’d say it worked out pretty good. 😉

  2. I’ve gotten more and more into graphic novels, especially comics, over the past few years, thanks in large part to the Marvel movies. I loved the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie so much that I bought the comics it was based on, which were really good too.

    So I’ve been reading a lot of comics about the various Marvel characters, as well as other characters/stories that catch my eye. The owner of my local comic book store keeps recommending Fables to me. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  3. Wow! I think I’ve only read through Volume 5 because I’ve been slowly buying them all. Are you going to read the spin-offs? Jack of Fables and… (had to look it up) Fairest?

    I read LOTS of graphic novels but never count them toward my Goodreads goals. Maybe I should lol.

    • *whispers* I totally read the Jack spinoff, too. And the two Cinderellas, and all six Fairest, AND the 1001 Nights (my favorite, btw).

      The only ones I haven’t read are the Peter and Max (?), the Untold Fables, and the two new wolfy ones. But they’re on the dock.

      After that I think I’m gonna give Sandman a shot.

      ALSO, they should totally count. 😉

    • Yeah, it helped that they led with the Lunchbox Tree, LOL. That was the only part I ever thought was cool. Also, it’s one plot thread in a handful of volumes. Most of them are more traditional fairytale/fable based.

  4. I still haven’t finished Fables. I really need to. I’ve found that I’m very picky on graphics novels I have to love the artwork even if the story is amazing the art will throw me off.