Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Vampire by Sara Humphreys (@Mollykatie112, @authorsara, @Sourcebooks)

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Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Vampire by Sara Humphreys (@Mollykatie112, @authorsara, @Sourcebooks)
The Good, The Bad, and The Vampire by Sara Humphreys
Series: Dead in the City #4
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published on: January 5, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Beloved author Sara Humphreys' acclaimed paranormal romance series continues with sweltering attraction between two vampires who have all the time in the world to satisfy their desires...

He wants eternity?
Dakota Shelton is a vampire cowboy with a penchant for cinnamon lollipops and Johnny Cash. Though highly skilled and deadly dangerous to his enemies, he's still a Texas good ol' boy at heart. And he has that heart set on wooing Trixie LaRoux-the most badass punk rock chick in town-the old-fashioned way.

Over her undead body...
Trixie is tough as nails and sharp as a silver stake-the last thing she wants is a man to sit on a porch and not grow old with. So it'll take going to hell and back fighting a new threat to vampires before she admits Dakota's courtship makes her blood hum. Turns out chivalry's not dead after all.

Fangtastic Romance ARC Review

Starting a new Sara Humphreys book is always a treat for me, so that’s why the minute I saw this on Net Galley, I requested it in exchange for a fair and honest review. I read two different series by this author, and it didn’t even matter which one this book was from, because they are both such good reads.

Trixie is part of the vampire coven in New York City. She is seemingly happy with her life, but hides behind her heavy makeup and dyed blonde hair with blue streaks. She’s both spunky and snarky, and works at the bar where most of the characters of this series either work or visit. A couple of years before, a sentry named Dakota came to work in New York City. He’s a former cowboy and has a drawl when he talks. Trixie is attracted, but having none of it. She doesn’t get involved-ever. Dakota wants her too, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. That is until, Emily, the vampire czars of New York’s daughter has her second birthday party and they both show up. When Trixie leaves early, after doing it a lot recently, he follows her. He finds her watching a pregnant woman’s house, deep in the forest. Trixie has a secret that she has been keeping ever since she was turned. Topping it all off is Trixie and Dakota starting to visit each others dreams and being able to talk to each other in their minds. This only happens with bloodmates, which is really rare-usually. And Trixie isn’t having any of that either.

I have really liked Trixie throughout this series, so I was glad to finally get her story. She had a really horrible human life and was an addict. She had no family, so when she became a vampire, the addiction goes away, and now she has the people in the coven as her family. So vampire life has been better to her than her human life ever was. Dakota was a great character. He’s from Texas, and grew up on a ranch there. He was attacked by a gargoyle the night he was turned and now has a deep hatred for them. Unlike Trixie, he had a happy human life and the gargoyle took all that from him. He’s spent the last fifty years looking for something to love about being a vampire, and when he meets Trixie, he finally has hope.

The premise of this installment, revolves around gargoyles that were thought to be extinct. Turns out they aren’t and somethings got them all riled up. They are really nasty creatures in this author’s world. There’s quite the mystery this time around and lots of action, as well. Hidden treasure, life and death moments, and a kidnapping, this book has all that. But in the forefront of everything else, is the romance between Trixie and Dakota. It was very sweet and sensual, and it was fun seeing Trixie finally accept that she is good enough for love.

I recommend this to adult paranormal romance fans, and actually I think there is enough action, mystery and supernatural characters to suit most urban fantasy fans as well. Since I am a fan of both, I was extremely happy, as I always am, with this author’s latest work.

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26 responses to “Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Vampire by Sara Humphreys (@Mollykatie112, @authorsara, @Sourcebooks)

  1. Wow, that’s quite a ringing endorsement of Humphreys, Lorna! This story, for some reason, has me really intrigued. I like that Trixie and Dakota are opposites in that their human and vampire lives were/are so different. It only makes sense they’d be pulled to one another, right? πŸ˜‰ I *want* to see this work out. I’m also very curious about nasty gargoyles. I typically like gargoyles but I’m thinking I might not like these. I happen to have Tall, Dark, and Vampire on my kindle (your fault?) and it’s getting moved up in the queue. Thanks for a great review!

  2. Hope she didn’t deny their connection too often sometimes that gets annoying, but what you say about the rest of the story sounds really good. I’ve only read the first one from this series. I need to get caught up. Nice review!

  3. It’s great to have a good author like that. Not sure I know about her but I love the title and your review makes me want to discover a bit more now. and well gorgoyles? I’m in!!!! Thanks for the discovery!