#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In Jan 8 2016

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Fit Readers 2016

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Carmel’s Week

Last weekend was a write-off because I was sick, but I started off strong come Monday, and that momentum carried me through until Friday. I was really happy with my step count considering that this was my first week back at work since the holidays, and I even toughed it out in -27C weather on Mon-Tues. My morning walks with the pooch have been making me nervous because the sidewalks weren’t plowed, so I had to brave the road. Granted, at 5:40 AM I usually only see a couple of cars; however, I complained to the city, and problem solved! I only managed to squeeze in 1 yoga session though which I’m a bit bummed about.

By The Numbers:
Friday: 1,712, 1.199 km
Saturday: 3,215, 2.24 km
Sunday: 1,669, 1.16 km
Monday: 30 minutes of yoga, 97 active minutes, 8.24 km 11,811
Tuesday: 69 active minutes, 7.62 km, 10,917
Wednesday: 85 active minutes, 8.54 km, 12,240
Thursday: 81 active minutes, 8.52 km, 12,211

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Melanie’s Week

I’ll admit, I didn’t start off very well. I’m not very good at working out on the weekends. I’m better doing the week. I was pretty lazy this last weekend before going back to a normal work week. I’ve been pretty good this week. I was very sore on Wednesday, so I skipped Daily Burn. Todays, we had a baby shower lunch for a co-worker (which is when I usually walk) and I had a late meeting, so no Daily Burn either. I will have to workout this weekend to make up for it. I feel it was a good start back after a the several weeks of the holidays.

By The Numbers:
Friday: 4,047, 1.75 miles
Saturday: 5,267, 2.28 miles
Sunday: 10,288, 4.5 miles
Monday: 31 minutes of Daily Burn, 91 active minutes, 11,962, 5.19 miles
Tuesday: 26 minutes of Daily Burn, 98 active minutes, 10,121, 4.36 miles
Wednesday: 50 active minutes, 10,301, 4.62 miles
Thursday: 4,956, 2.14 miles


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