Review: A Fistful of Fire by Rebecca Chastain (@Mollykatie112, @Author_Rebecca)

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Review: A Fistful of Fire by Rebecca Chastain (@Mollykatie112, @Author_Rebecca)
A Fistful of Fire by Rebecca Chastain
Series: Madison Fox #2
Published by Indie
Published on: October 19, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 400
Format: eBook
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Madison Fox survived her first week as California’s newest illuminant enforcer, defending her region against imps, vervet, hounds, and one lascivious demon. If her grumpy boss, Mr. Pitt, was impressed, he hasn’t told Madison. In fact, there’s a lot her boss has been closemouthed about, including the dark secret haunting his past.

But Madison’s problems are just igniting. Neighboring regions report an uncharacteristic flare-up of evil, fire-breathing salamanders blaze unchecked across the city, and Black Friday looms. Trapped doing cleanup amid mobs of holiday shoppers, Madison watches from the sidelines as dubious allies insinuate themselves in her region.

As suspicions kindle and the mysterious evil gains strength, Madison must determine who she can trust—and whose rules to follow—before her region and career go up in flames.

Sizzling with adventure and sparking with magic, A Fistful of Fire is fused with Madison Fox’s trademark blend of humor and ass-kicking action.

Kick Ass Urban Fantasy Mystery

A Fistful of Evil, the first in this series, was a fun, non-stop ride that I enjoyed immensely and I gave it 5 stars. So I was more than excited to jump back into Madison Fox’s world of fighting evil.

In the previous book, Madison was hired as an enforcer with a group that fights supernatural evils, mainly of the demonish sort. She spent her whole life previous to this not knowing that she was literally born to do this job, as she can both see people’s souls and see the evil that humans have no idea exists. She is also able to kill many of the bad creatures with a power she can push from her fingertips. Some of the creatures are a bit harder to take down so other methods are used.

Madison is entering her second week on the job. She becomes aware that the other wardens that oversee territories of the area are all trying to have her boss, Mr. Pitt (yes, his first name is Brad)thrown out of office. So they yank her off her territory and send her to the mall on Black Friday weekend to kill the little citoe’s that jump around on shoppers shoulders causing them to be mean and hateful to others around them. After spending so much time at the mall, she starts being drawn to the closed parking garage on the other side of the mall parking lot. Of course she goes to check things out and what she finds there is the catalyst for quite a bit of the action that happens throughout the rest of read. Meanwhile, her territory is becoming a center for all of the evil in this part of the state-way more evil than the norm.

As with the previous book, Madison is still a bit clueless about the supernatural world. However, where the first book had her completely in the dark about everything, now she does know what’s she up against-well mostly. When a huge threat enters her world, Madison ends up taking it home. Humor? Yes, this was where a good part of the the humor in this book happens. Romance? Still not happening, although she does have a date with the gorgeous veterinarian from the first book. The head enforcer of this area, Niko, is still my choice for her, when it comes to romance.

Madison’s life is really not her own anymore and she’s actually loving it. She went from a girly girl that had no job or savings, to a kick ass enforcer in a one week time span. This book is filled with almost non-stop action. There’s plenty of humor, although maybe not as much as in book one, and Madison really grows into her new role in life. I enjoyed her as a character as before, and all the dysfunctional wardens and enforcers that she meets along the way really add to the story. And I don’t mean dysfunctional in a humorous way! There’s a couple of new characters, Jamie and Val, that I ended up loving-and there’s nothing normal about them! And of course, Madison’s cat, Mr. Bond, was still front and center in Madison’s life. Another good thing, I didn’t figure out the mystery-always a good thing for me.

Bottom line-great read, with memorable characters, surrounded with all sorts of new supernatural types. Highly recommended to UF readers that like humor mixed with the paranormal.

Madison Fox, Illuminant Enforcer Series

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  1. I wish there really was a Madison around to kill the citoes during the holidays – especially since I start my holiday work at B&N next week. 😉 I really like the sound of Madison, Lorna. I like a kickass heroine but I particularly like that she went through such a drastic change so quickly. It shows what she is really made of. I also like the sound of action and humor mixed together. 🙂 Hopefully I can get around to starting this series in early 2016!
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