Review: Shadows at Midnight by Amanda Bonilla (@amandabonilla)

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Review: Shadows at Midnight by Amanda Bonilla (@amandabonilla)
Shadows at Midnight by Amanda Bonilla
Series: Shaede Assassin #5
Published by NYLA
Published on: September 24, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 208
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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Has Darian’s past finally caught up with her?

The Rakshasa queen, Padma, has a score to settle—she wants those responsible for her son’s death to pay and to pay dearly. Darian, Tyler and Xander are all at risk—and Padma’s powers could force them to live the rest of their lives in the madness of the Realm of Illusions…

While Darian is taken and is the first to suffer, she’s soon rescued by Tyler, the one man to never disappoint. But what Darian doesn’t know is that her freedom comes at a steep price—Xander’s the King of Shaedes, imprisonment. Darian knows what horrors await in Padma’s dungeon. A rescue mission won’t be easy and she can’t do it alone.

Deep in the bowels of Goblin Valley, Darian, Tyler, and her small band of Shaede warriors fight their way through a dark labyrinth. In a realm where illusions rule, with danger at every turn, the odds are stacked against them. Time isn’t on their side, every second spent in Padma’s custody will be another step Xander takes toward madness. A kingdom can’t be ruled without its king and the wolves are at the door, waiting. If Darian can’t get to Xander before he succumbs to the illusions, an entire kingdom’s future is at stake…

2015 Fav Cliffhanger Magical

Just when I think that this series couldn’t possibly get any better, my pre-order of SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT shows up on my Kindle. This was an installment of extremes; I’m talking maximum horrors, unbreakable romance, and mega revelations. The Padma story arc was pretty thrilling on its own, but Amanda Bonilla lobbed in so many extras that no matter what you’ve been craving more of, you’ll be one satisfied SHAEDE ASSASSIN customer.

Darian’s heinie has taken a beating for the bulk of the past four novels, and in this latest addition she gets to battle the madness that is the Realm of Illusion. Then it’s Xander’s turn. Ty, Asher, Julian, Myles & Louella get to experience it up close and personal as well during their rescue mission. The end product was some grade-A, dark Urban Fantasy coupled with imaginative world-building, and action that extended beyond the physical.

Bonilla has been sending her readers on a merry chase for answers ever since Ty’s character was introduced, and although she hasn’t kept us completely clueless, she hasn’t exactly been generous with the dets either. Well, the beans finally get spilled! Not completely of course, however we learn more about the Synod, Darian’s ring, and exactly how far-reaching Ty’s powers really are. This alone had me making room for this book on my keeper shelf.

SHAEDE ASSASSIN fans have witnessed Darian at her worst, and at her best, but in this installment she was kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side she has the family that she’s longed for all of her life while as on the other she has a bond that trumps time & space, and it’s starting to look like she can’t have both. But, then after that cliffhanger the choice may have been taken away from her altogether. Being left in limbo until #6 is going to KILL ME.

By the end of SHADOWS AT MIDNIGHT you’ll be seriously considering selling your soul to Amanda Bonilla for a taste of what’s to come.

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8 responses to “Review: Shadows at Midnight by Amanda Bonilla (@amandabonilla)

  1. I was one of the first persons to read the eARCs of this series. I used to beg Amanda for a review copy, but sadly this time around due to my reading mood I didn’t ask for one. I’m in a crazy reading mood where I’m not liking much what I’m reading, so I was afraid of not liking this book, because of me, of course… and the last thing I wanted was not to like a book by one of my favorite authors. Still, I bought it on release date and it’s waiting for a better day for me to read it.
    After reading your review I want to read it, but I think it’s better if I wait longer.
    I hate feeling like this, I hate not liking books in series I used to love. It’s really frustrating. I’m very happy you loved it, though.
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