Question: What’s Your Favorite Supernatural Creature?

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Here at Rabid Reads we have a particular fondness for Werewolves, but Werewolves are only one specific type of Shapeshifter, and Shapeshifters are only one specific type of Supe (<-----creature of the supernatural variety). As Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance continue to expand as genres, more and more individual types of Supes are gaining traction. There are the standard Vampires, Witches, and Weres, but there are also Dragons, Fae, Demons, Phoenixes, Reapers, Valkyrie, Demigods, and many more besides. There are also as multiple versions of each creature with different origin stories and different strengths and weaknesses. In one series, Werewolves might be cursed with inherent violence b/c they are descended from Lycaon, who tried to feed Zeus human flesh, while in another, they may be downright neighborly, based on the Scottish Wulver. BUT. Despite all this diversity, my personal favorite has always been the Fae, for a multitude of reasons: 1. There are hundreds of different types of Fae. Some are beautiful enough to blister your eyeballs, some are hideous enough to give you nightmares for the rest of your life. Some are smart, some are simple, ALL are clever and tricksy, which brings me to . . . 2. They cannot LIE. Vampires drink blood, Weres shift on the full moon, and Fae cannot lie. I like rules. When dealing with Supes, rules make the difference between life and death, b/c Supes always have some kind of edge. BUT. The universe is ruled by balance, so regardless of how great an edge the Supe has over the puny human, if you know the rules, you can defeat them. Fae in particular appeal to me, b/c all you need to beat them is your brain. They like games. They like to win. They like to make bargains. And they think humans are stupid. They love humans, but they love them for their ability to create. Both art and life (b/c Fae have a notoriously difficult time procreating, which is why they’re always stealing human babies), but not their intelligence.

So you have the element of surprise on your side. And maybe it’s just me, but having the element of surprise in regards to my wits is infinitely more useful than having the element of surprise with a sword or a right hook. *shrugs* *is not ashamed*

And that pretty much covers it. Not being able to lie could be broken down into half a dozen parts, but I’m keeping it simple. (<------HA.) What about you?

What’s Your Favorite Supernatural Creature?

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32 responses to “Question: What’s Your Favorite Supernatural Creature?

  1. I’m a huge fan of shifters. I would have to say they are my favorite. I think almost half the books I read/listen to last year were a shifter of some kind or another. Recently, I’ve found that I like some of the less used animals in the shifter world. Eve Langlais’ Kodiak Point series had a moose and a caribou shifter as heroes. I liked that it was something besides the normal predators. I’m also very partial to dragons, and want to read more dragon books. Great topic.
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  2. You know, IDK what my favorite is. My first thought was to say fae as well, because I jump all over books that have them but I haven’t actually read that many. I think for me, it’s not a type of supe, but how they’re written. Some authors do an amazing job creating a world with hard core rules – and whatever supes they feature I love in that book. But any supe can be ruined without rules… like Twilight! I should mention I enjoyed Twilight in a guilty pleasure kind of way, but not for treatment of supes. They didn’t have enough rules to tickle my love for the fantasy. Great post!
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  3. This is a great question! As a light paranormal romance writer I’m always interested in readers opinions.

    As it turns out, I just wrote a half fae/half witch for my Love Spells Gone Wrong series. Good to know so many readers love Fae! It’s a vital piece of the subplot’s puzzle.

  4. It varies. I’ve always loved reading about witches/witchcraft but some I favorite series are based around vamps and weres. All said rules are important and it becomes annoying when an author does stick to the rules they set in place.
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  5. That would be a toss up between Vampires and Werewolves for me. I’ve loved vampires since I was five and my mom let me watch the old Bela Lugosi vampire movie with her. My mom always let me stay up late to watch the horror movies with her. I found out later when I was older that she let me stay up because she didn’t want to watch them alone at night. She was a big chicken. LOL

    But I love werewolves too, so I can’t can’t choose between the two.
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  6. I feel like I have a different favorite supe every day of the month!

    At the moment I’m in love with fae. Just the idea of such majestic and dangerous creatures…I’m attracted to it.

    I’ve only read like one werewolf book in my life (shhh don’t tell Carmel :X) so I don’t know how I feel about them quite yet.
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  7. Pili from In Love With  

    This is a brilliant topic, but after reading many paranormal books even your favourite type of supernatural creature can get “meh”… I am not particularly fond of the Fae though (sorry Jessica!) and I’m a big fan of dragons, because eh, DRAGONS!!
    I must confess that the shape shifters from The Others series by Anne Bishop must be my fave kind of supernaturals!!
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  8. My favorites have always been the various Fae. Though wereleopards are a close second, and I still haven’t outgrown my love of vampires if done well.

    Honestly I’m happy to find a well-written book about ANY non-standard supernatural creature. 95% of the ones I tend to come across are always vampire, werewolf, were-something-or-other, magic-user or some mix of these.

    But Fae books make me seriously happy.
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  9. For Me, it depends on the author. Because some authors can make you fall in love with any creature no matter what they are. But if I had to choose it would be dragon shifters…but probably one of the most unique was were dinosaurs…that was different but fun and exciting too. So I love seeing what authors do with paranormal creatures and there is quite a vast array they can choose from.
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  10. My favourite supernatural creatures probably are shapeshifters. There is just something amazing abut being able to shift shape and experience the world through a different form. I don’t really care which animal, although I’ve mostly read werewolf or werecat books, but would love to see some other animals as well. I do prefer it if the shift actually takes time and effort, while the instant shift might be cool for some scenes, I find it less realistic and the whole other dimension thing always sounds a bit weird to me.
    I like fea as well, although I haven’t read as many books with them. I especially like the whole they can’t lie thing. And I love how sometimes they try to find ways to say something without lying, but not saying what they really mean either.
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