Audiobook Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

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Audiobook Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs
Fair Game by Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Holter Graham
Series: Alpha & Omega #3
Published by Penguin
Published on: March 6, 2012
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Length: 9 hrs & 57 mins
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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It is said that opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son—and enforcer—of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant Alpha. While Anna, an Omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind.

When the FBI requests the pack’s help on a local serial-killer case, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston to join the investigation. It soon becomes clear that someone is targeting the preternatural. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer’s sights…


I’m used to the events in series installments taking place a few weeks, if not days apart, so I was a little disconcerted by the fact that FAIR GAME jumped two full years into the future. In HUNTING GROUND Bran was still contemplating bringing the werewolves out to the public, but in this audiobook it was a done deal, and Anna & Charles are now dealing with the fallout. As a result, I experienced some mild growing pains while getting up to speed; luckily I had Briggs’ MERCY THOMSON series to help make the drastic shift in gears less jolting. I was chagrined to learn that one of my favourite werewolf couples were no longer in a happy place, however the decade’s long murder spree, and smoothly crafted fae mythology proved to be satisfying distractions.

Up until this point, Charles & Anna have been flying solo with regards to their investigations, so it was a hoot watching them join their efforts with various federal organizations in order to stop a killer. Latham was Cornick’s designated handler, and the outcome was quite comedic as you can probably imagine. I especially liked Anna’s list of do’s & don’ts around her mate, and the PR tangent was good for a few laughs too. As previously mentioned, these two have hit a rocky point in their relationship, mostly because Charles’ enforcer role is beginning to wear on him thanks to stricter penalties towards misbehaving werewolves. I love how even when this couple is at their lowest they still continue to communicate, and resolve their problems angst free.

The fae have always played an active role in Briggs’ universe, and I was excited to finally learn the real reason why they retreated to their reservations in her MT books. I never realized that such an important segment was missing until this newsflash roared to life, and forced me to revisit everything that I’ve learned to date in both worlds. This author sure knows how to give her protagonists a deserving foe while also ensuring that all of the secondary characters have a big impact on the overall story. I liked how Leslie’s plot thread popped up throughout the novel when you least expected it to, and I really hope that she makes an encore appearance in this series.

The moment I hear Holter Graham’s voice, I immediately slip back into the ALPHA & OMEGA frame of mind. He’s brought something extra to every installment, and in this latest one it was his Boston accents. His attention to detail never ceases to amaze, from the consistency of the protagonists, to the slight differences between Charles and Brother Wolf’s tones. Several new characters were added, and he made it easy to identify each and every one of them. Graham’s delivery has improved a great deal when compared to the first audiobook which I still adored, and as a result, he’s now among my top three male narrators.

FAIR GAME was an experience that bears repeating; I don’t do re-reads very often, but this series is worthy!

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25 responses to “Audiobook Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

  1. Two years? That is quite a jump. But it does seem somewhat realistic that two years later Charles and Anna would be experiencing the growing pains of couplehood…the ‘honeymoon is over’ phase if you will. It’s interesting, too, that you get details in this series that explain things in the Mercy series. I’m really excited to be starting this series this month, Carmel. I’m looking forward to chatting about it once I’m ‘in the know’. 😉
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…#COYER & #ShelfLove Review ~ Losing Track ~ Trisha Wolfe

  2. I am sad now that my reread is over and Dead Heat has come and gone!

    I love how realistic Charles/Anna’s relationship is. They have that kind of bond that makes me all mushy inside even when Charles is being pig headed and Anna a little touchy. I think with both of their histories that it makes sense and they are such a good balance for each other.

    YES–totally worth rereading (though granted I do it a bit more than you)
    Felicia The Geeky Blogger recently posted…Audiobook Review: Sweet Release by Pamela Clare

  3. Pili from In Love With  

    It’s always very disconcerting on a series when the next book does a big jump in time like that, and it usually means I really need more time to adjust to what’s going on and makes me wonder if I haven’t missed a book!

    Glad to hear that although the couple are having a not-so-good moment they still manage to work out things without unnecessary drama and angst!

    Great review Carmel!
    Pili recently posted…Mark This Book Monday: Every Word by Ellie Marney!!!

  4. YEAH CARMEL!!! It had been so long since I’d read Hunting Ground I didn’t even realize this book had such a big time jump, so clearly my obliviousness kept me from being fazed 😉 It hurt me to see Anna and Charles hit a rough patch too, but I love that even when things are a little rocky, they’re still indisputably a couple, you know? There’s no chance of them deciding not to be together, and then another romantic player entering the picture to confuse things further. I love that we don’t have to worry about any of that with Patricia!

  5. Oh I had forgotten about the jump in this book. Ya, If you don’t read Mercy Thompson too then you might be missing a few things when you read the Alpha and Omega series. I always have a hard time when their is a big jump in time from one book to another. I’m planning on re-reading both series. I’ve been in need of my old favorites to bring back some book love. Glad you enjoy this one. I do love both Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series.
    Angela recently posted…ARC Review: Jaguar Pride (Heart of the Jaguar #4) by Terry Spear

  6. I was a little concerned when I read, or should I say listened, to this book when it was first released. I was worried that there would be some confusion between the Mercy people not knowing what was going on in this series. That is the issue with spinoff series that effect each other. Jeaniene Frost has that issue too with Night Huntress and the spinoff books.

    I felt really sorry for Charles in this book, but I’m really glad where he ended up. It has to be hard to the enforcer for all the werewolves in the country.
    Melanie recently posted…Giveaway: Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

  7. Every time I read one of your reviews I walk away feeling like I’m missing out on so much! It’s frustrating – there are so many good series out there, it’s really impossible to keep up with all of them. But, seriously, I have to find the time to get back to Patricia Briggs. You make me remember why I used to be so much into her! Great review 🙂
    Ramona recently posted…Zen Monday: Cajoling The Sun

  8. Anonymous  

    Great review. I felt pretty much the same on this one. I have to say, it’s a pet peeve of mine when an author does a spin-off series, yet both are really needed to follow the greater storyline. However, I love the A/O series, and will put up with the back and forth with Mercy.

  9. I’m glad this new book was really good! You know I still don’t know about the series. I did read book 0.5 and 1 but I’m a little mixed I so prefer Mercy. But will all the wonderful reviews of the last book, I’m thinking that maybe I need to try more to see if I’m more appealed or not. thanks for the review!

  10. I sort of skimmed this, since I’m currently re-reading Hunting Ground, but I’m really happy to see that you loved this one! Anna and Charles have got to be one of the most mature couples I’ve read about in a long time. Their drama seems so realistic and it makes them seem more like real people, I’ve found. I’ll be reading Fair Game soon enough – gotta get cracking so I can read and review Deadly Heat!
    Danya recently posted…Review: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

  11. A two year jump? That’s crazy, I would feel so disconnected the entire time. Do they at least do flashbacks to fill you in? Great review Carmel! I don’t do re-reads either, but with all of the sequels coming out this year, I think I should start! 🙂