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Review: White Knight by Kelly Meade

Review: White Knight by Kelly Meade
White Knight by Kelly Meade
Series: Cornerstone Run Trilogy #3
Published by InterMix
Published on: January 20, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Pages: 277
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
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Despite a month of peace from hybrid attacks, the constant threat of violence has the loup garou on edge. Knight McQueen’s home feels like a military compound and his people have become battle-weary soldiers. And Knight’s tenuous grip on his own self-control has been further damaged by the disappearance of the only woman whose touch brings him peace.

Held prisoner by her hybrid half-sisters and forced to care for an unknown child, Shay Butler’s quarterly is approaching but a silver-laced collar prevents her from shifting. As her time draws closer, her sanity begins to slip.

The opportunity to rescue Shay arrives when Magus enemy Archimedes Atwood requests a parley to discuss ways to end the conflict between their people and stop the rogue hybrids. Alpha Bishop McQueen agrees, bringing his brothers together to form a plan that will bring Shay home to Knight, stop the final two hybrids—and finally bring Archimedes to justice once and for all...


Knight’s character has been growing on me throughout this trilogy which is why I’ve been impatiently awaiting this last installment with bated breath. White wolves are this universe’s unicorn, and this final HEA has been quite the arduous battle, thus I expected a glorious conclusion to the McQueen family’s adventure via the middle brother. WHITE KNIGHT was a far cry from being the grim story that I had anticipated; yes there was still darkness and death, however for the most part Knight’s tale was about healing and moving forward. It was an uplifting way to end this series, but the radical about-face made for a somewhat bumpy read.

There’s no disputing it, Bishop and Rook ARE alpha males, while as Knight is more of an emo werewolf which was what made him so unique, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s incapable of getting his claws bloody when the need arises. Or at least, that was my take on it anyway. Regrettably, McQueen’s part in this story was rather humdrum in that he didn’t rescue his lady, barely contributed to offing the antagonist, and instead spent the bulk of his time talking about his feelings. Kudos to him for finally getting the words out; however heartfelt confessions don’t exactly make the pages fly by.

Shay definitely wears the pants in this CORNERSTONE RUN relationship, and this story was just as much hers as her mate’s, although I unquestionably enjoyed her role tenfold in comparison to Knight’s. She showed courage while at the mercy of the hybrids, loyalty to Chelsea & Leopold and unrelenting patience to her beloved. I was also happy to see her own her alpha daughter status by supplying Bishop with tactics to help defeat their enemies, and offering up ideas on how to improve pack life. This book would have been hella boring without her.

Ok, that’s not entirely true, I liked the plot a great deal as well, and Meade wrapped up all of the threads to my satisfaction, even a few that I had completely forgotten about or didn’t realize were linked to the bigger picture. I actually found myself hating the hybrids less and less, and Atwood more and more as the truth surfaced. The Paul Melina aspect was inspired, and the Dell Jones incident was further validation that the author left no stone unturned. This novel would have felt incomplete without an epilogue, so I was immensely grateful that Meade decided to go the distance, and deliver the flash forward that I craved.

WHITE KNIGHT was the light at the end of the CORNERSTONE RUN trilogy.

Cornerstone Run Trilogy

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My Review
White Knight

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  1. Gah! This is what I’m afraid of! I still have to read book 2, and I remember your review of it and saw that it still suffered from some things I didn’t like about the first one so I set it aside for later. I planned to read it back to back with this hoping that book 3 will be epic since it’s the last one… Eh! Maybe I’ll get back to the series at a much later time. I don’t want to break my “awesome” reading streak. Thanks for the honest review, Carmel!
    Braine Talk Supe recently posted…If you LOVE Karen Marie Moning’s FEVER series, then you will like…

    • Those darned high expectations will get you every time! I’ve been craving Knight’s tale since his character was first introduced. I hate calling a werewolf a pussy, but it is what it is.

  2. Not heard of this series till the other day I seen Jessica at Great Read review this book. Sounds interesting. 🙂
    Stormi recently posted…Book Review: If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries

    • I haven’t seen her review yet. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I’m definitely glad this trilogy wrapped up with a more uplifting final installment, but I agree when the previous books are really dark and gritty, it’s a little jarring to suddenly move away from that a touch. Still, this is clearly a great series and I look forward to giving it a try Carmel!

    • This book just didn’t fit with the overall series. I’d anticipated character deaths, and devastating FEELS, but instead we got rainbows and lollipops. Weird!

  4. I will probably skip this series (TBR to long) I would probably be on the fence and it would totally depend on my mood if I would have the same issues.
    Felicia the Geeky Blogger recently posted…Audiobook Review: Night Unbound by Dianne Duvall

    • I loved the first novel, the second one was pretty good, however the third was at the bottom of the pile. I’m happy Meade stopped at 3.

  5. I have never heard of that trilogy but it sounds interesting. And I love that cover!
    Cynthia recently posted…Musing Monday – To Rate or Not To Rate

    • It’s now complete, so if you hate waiting, you’re in luck!

  6. I’m glad the series wrapped everything up so nicely. I like my guys on the alpha side, so Knight might have thrown me a bit too. Although not exactly what you expected, I’m glad it was uplifting in its own way 🙂
    Kim recently posted…Young Adult Book Review: Ignite by Sara B. Larson

    • Maybe it’s my own fault for stereotyping werewolves…

  7. Well that’s different, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever read a werewolf book that doesn’t feature an alpha. Glad you enjoyed the series, C.
    Joy // Joyousreads recently posted…[481]: The Chocolate Rose by Laura Florand

    • Yeah, it was a weird twist on this supe, and I just wasn’t a fan.

  8. This is the first I’m hearing about this series, but I’m intrigued!!
    Sarah recently posted…Bite Size Reviews #1 – Re-reads in Mythological PNR!

    • The first installment came out in July, so it’s still fairly new.

  9. I’m not familiar with this series but don’t know if I’d like an emo wolf, the rest sounds interesting. I’d also like the cover more if the face wasn’t in the corner
    Kristina D recently posted…Book Review ~ The Vanishing Girl

    • The story jived with Knight’s personality. His ability as a White Wolf is instilling peace in the pack, however for some reason I expected more violence.

  10. It’s always good when a final book in a series does have all the answers to all the questions, even those that we weren’t sure we had at first!
    Great review Carmel!
    Pili recently posted…Cover Reveal: Hidden Huntress by Danielle L Jensen!!

    • I can’t fault the author for not tying up loose ends which is a good thing.

  11. I am not familiar with this seires but it looks worthwhile. Glad this final book tied up the ends and delivered what you wanted.
    Heid recently posted…Review: First Frost (Waverley Family #2) by Sarah Addison Allen

    • If you like werewolves, and PNR, then this trilogy’s not a bad way to go.

  12. The uplifting ending sounds nice, but weird it was such a difference compared to the previous books. Shay sounds like a great character. I like it when all the plots are neatly wrapped up in the last book of the series, so that sounds well done. Great review!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #109

    • This book was the epitome of HEA which makes total sense given that it’s the final installment.

  13. You always write wonderful reviews Carmel! I’m glad the ending was a good one and ending on a happy note but sad that the whole feel of the book was different than the others. It can be jarring when that happens unexpectedly.
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Review: Amour Amour by Krista & Becca Ritchie

    • Thanks! This novel had an equal amount of pros and cons which made it difficult to review.

  14. Glad to hear this was a fairly satisfying conclusion!

    • It wasn’t brilliant, but sometimes ok is good too.

  15. The more I hear about this series the more it is sounding like one that I will be reading. Thanks for the great review. I really like that cover too. Covers are the first thing that I see so they make a big difference to me.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Review: Taken By The Huntsman by Mistral Dawn

    • I’m a sucker for anything with a werewolf on the cover. If some dude pulled up in a white van, and waved one in my face, I’d totally get in. LOL!

  16. I haven’t heard much about this series though I do remember hearing a little about the first book. I’m not really in the mood for super dark books so it’ll probably be awhile before I’d consider reading this series but I think *think* I’d like that the last book was less dark, though I guess I won’t know until I read it someday!
    Candace recently posted…Review: Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay- Loved it!

    • I enjoy dark, however I agree that the final novel should be a little more subdued in that department.

  17. I do want to try this series one day
    blodeuedd recently posted…God save the queen – Kate Locke

    • They are eBook only at the moment I believe.

  18. I was thinking that this one may not be for me, but I like how you say it ends. I’m an ending girl so if the end is better and makes me like characters I didn’t before, then I tend to enjoy it.
    Melissa (Books and Things) recently posted…First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

    • This conclusion probably made the majority of Cornerstone Run fans happy. Too bad I’m an odd ball. Hehe!

  19. I’ll have to come back for your review since I still have to read this one for review. Just wanted to to peek at your rating. 😉
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Once Perfect by Cecy Robson #review

  20. I’ve never heard of this series before now but yay for happy trilogy endings! You don’t always get those. But from the sounds of things it was a strange change for you!
    Bec recently posted…Review: The First Third by Will Kostakis

    • Normally I’m all over characters sailing off into the sunset, however in this particular instance that scenario just didn’t work for me. *shrugs*

  21. Interesting that the tone was lighter, but I guess it is always nice to have the conclusion be more uplifting. I love that she swayed your opinion.
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Grave Vengeance by Lori Sjoberg

    • I haven’t read anything else by Meade, but apparently she thrives on dark, so this was a surprise.

  22. Always good to hear about a nicely wrapped up ending to a series. I’m always wanting to hold off on reading the last book in a series because I worry it won’t end well haha. Great review 🙂

    • That fear is always there, but I’d rather know than not. LOL!

  23. Ah yes, Shay is the boss there! I really enjoyed this one, it was a nice last book and I didn’t expect a lot of things. I need to post my review as well… well first to translate it in English.

    • It’s crazy that you write two reviews for each book. One is time consuming enough thank you very much! Props, girl!

  24. I think I still have the first book on my waiting list, I haven’t check lately for the audio. Gosh! I’m terrible! I know 3.5 stars is not bad, but now I kind of lost my enthusiasm….Well, maybe a good audio rendition can always move it up notch.
    Thanks Carmel 🙂
    Lupdilup recently posted…Burned by Karen Marie Moning Giveaway #audiobooks

    • It’s difficult to get excited about an average book.

  25. I have heard great things about this series. Although this book doesn’t sounds like a winner I think I will read it anyway… of course, when I get the time to read previous books first.
    BookaholicCat recently posted…Hot Off the Press: January 20th Releases

    • This trilogy isn’t quite PNR, so you should be safe.

  26. I read and enjoyed the first story in this series — maybe I’ll pick up the other two and finish it out. There’s nothing like a good were story, you know?
    Mary recently posted…Top Off Tuesday: Getting Handsy

    • Agreed! If I had my way, I’d read nothing but werewolf titles. 😉

  27. I was like you. While I enjoyed the story, it didn’t have the oomph that the first two books. I did think it wrapped up everything well.
    Melanie recently posted…Early Review: Black Wolf’s Revenge by Tera Shanley

  28. Even though you were expecting this to go a different way, it is good to see you liked how it ended. Great review Carmel!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace
    Naomi recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday # 124 – Shadow Study & Beautiful Redemption

    • I can’t fault the conclusion, just the author’s delivery.

  29. -snort- I kind of want an emo werewolf. Glad it had a satisfying end for you.
    Christy recently posted…Mayhem by Jamie Shaw

    • Well, now you know where you can find one. Hehe!

  30. A woman being the pants in a relationship?! Why, that’s not something you see everyday, especially in fiction (that or I just don’t read widely enough hahaha). I’ll try this one out, especially since the ending was a bit satisfying.
    Faye M. recently posted…[Blog Tour] ARC Review: Cut Me Free by J.R. Johansson

    • It’s the norm in UF, but not so much in PNR. It was refreshing, and disappointing.

  31. Carmel, how in the world do you keep all the series’ you read straight?! 😛 I’m just so impressed with the way you can read/listen to so many a week and remember all the past details as well.

    Glad to hear that this was a good conclusion to the trilogy! I loved hearing that Shay was the one wearing the pants in the relationship. YEAH, go girl!
    Joy recently posted…Book Review: Corruption (Disruption #2) by Jessica Shirvington

    • I usually take notes while I read, and try to write my review within a few days. I’ve been at this for over 4 years now, so I’ve perfected my system.

  32. Well, I’m certainly glad that Meade gave you some elements to enjoy in this final installment to make up for what Knight lacked. I’m thinking I’d really like to meet Shay. 😉 I still think I’ll give this trilogy a go even if it wasn’t spectacular. Great review, Carmel.
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Travel by the Book #1 ~ Savannah

    • Shay would make a spectacular UF heroine! It’s too bad that some of her kickass-ness was lost in PNR.

  33. I’m still going to try this series out. I dug the reviews on the first book.
    sharonda recently posted…#AudioBookReview: Broken Open by Lauren Dane