Review: Lone Girl by Kate Bloomfield

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Review: Lone Girl by Kate Bloomfield
Lone Girl by Kate Bloomfield
Series: Wolfling #2
Published by Indie
Published on: June 28, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Werewolves
Pages: 186
Format: eBook
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Eighteen year old Rose Goldman is on the run with former teacher Thomas Stone. Heading north towards a rumored Werewolf civilization, they are determined to stay together and make their controversial relationship work despite being hunted by the law. However, Rose soon fears that Tom regrets his decision to run with her as he realizes the danger he has put her in.

Warning: This novel contains material not suitable for persons under 18 years old such as sex scenes and coarse language.

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Kate Bloomfield’s werewolves were an unexpected favourite of mine last year, and I was really hoping that this sequel would prove to be just as shockingly wonderful as ALPHA GIRL. Rose now finds herself on the run with Tom, a man who’s not only twice her age, but also a convicted sex offender, and a recent jail escapee. The first couple of chapters were a rush with police chases, car theft, shoot-outs, and helped to further reinforce the taboo-ness of the protagonists’ love story. The plot could have gone in so many directions after that what with Stone having possibly turned a prison guard, and the rumours surrounding an Alaskan pack. Instead, the author decided to split the duo up because of a rookie mistake that any eighteen year old with a smartphone should be aware of, and then a government conspiracy thread surfaced which has become so predictable in this genre that it’s practically a cliché.

Rose and Tom’s student / teacher relationship was disturbingly irresistible in book 1, and readers had to come to terms with its many prohibited facets; however in LONE GIRL Bloomfield pushed things too far in my opinion. I’ve reluctantly accepted the age difference and weird power dynamics, but in this installment Stone mentioned that they have yet to use a condom. I realize that this series isn’t intended for younger audiences, and that the author enjoys pushing all kinds of no-no buttons, but why go there? I was ok with all-of-the-above, yet the blatant disregard of practicing safe sex, especially given the circumstances, was just plain irresponsible and unnecessary. Not to mention both of the characters’ blasé attitude towards teenage pregnancy. It certainly didn’t add anything to the story, and only succeeded in pissing me off.

The cops uncover their whereabouts because Rose ignores Tom’s warning about the authorities being able to track them via her phone, and after the whole condom thing, this pushed the heroine into too stupid to live territory. I understand that she’s young and naive, but what teenager doesn’t know this? Then Stone gets pissed at Goldman for being a kid—newsflash she IS a kid—and then abandons her on the side of the road. Now we have not one, but two TSTL characters. Crappy parental figures is a personal hang-up of mine in the Young / New Adult genres, and Rose’s mom and dad were real winners in book 1, and continued to impress in 2. The poor girl gets into a car crash while hitchhiking home after her lover ditches her, ends up in a coma for sixteen days, and her mother refuses to take her back. So, Goldman moves to California with her father, things go horribly awry during the full moon; her dad buys a one-way plane ticket to Alaska, and wishes her good luck finding the pack. Wow.

I have yet to say anything positive about this novel, and you’re probably wondering why I gave it 2.5 stars. Well, it wasn’t all bad, we learn some interesting things about this universe’s werewolves including that they don’t all share the same abilities, and that heightened senses aren’t necessarily a guarantee. Also, born wolves can’t change others, and only 2% of those bitten actually survive their first shift. So yeah, the mythology’s original, the plot had no major holes, and the writing/editing was good. You’ve most likely already guessed at what awaited Rose in Alaska because as I mentioned, the government angle was foreseeable to a fault. There was however, a couple of curve balls thrown in towards the end, and the story concluded on a cliffhanger. URGH! I’m undecided as to whether I’ll be continuing this series, but if it’s slated to be a trilogy I just might because I’ve made it this far.

LONE GIRL fell victim to the dreaded sequel syndrome, so here’s hoping that WILD GIRL will be the cure.

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55 responses to “Review: Lone Girl by Kate Bloomfield

  1. You know, I’m not one to hold authors to make sure their characters are using condoms and practicing safe sex. I don’t expect them to mention at every turn that condoms are used, kinda like I don’t expect them to tell me that the people put on their seat belt when they get in a car. But to blatantly mention not using them, that is kinda dumb, unless it was an “OMG, we forgot and didn’t use protection, AHHH”.
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Shine Audiobook by Dannika Dark (Review)

    • I don’t usually care about the condom thing either; I appreciate it if the author mentions it once, then I’ll assume they are using them going forward, but in this particular instance it just didn’t sit right with me given the age of the heroine. And, it wasn’t really an AAAAH moment, but rather a *shrug* hope you’re not preggo.

  2. I would have never made it past the mom refusing to see her and the dad with the one-way ticket. I hate that plot device in YA (and NA). Not everyone on the planet has crappy parents. I am pretty sure they are all used up by now.

    On the condom thing, she could have just not mentioned it and it would have been fine. I would have assumed they used it or if she popped up pregnant later down the line thought it broke. To point out that it hasn’t been used just makes me wonder exactly why that would be mentioned. Now you will have zero sympathy for either of them should they end up pregnant.
    Felicia the Geeky Blogger recently posted…#30DaysOfThanks2014 Day 7: Midnight Book Girl, Jane Austen Cover to Cover, Katherine Kellgren

    • Yup. That’s exactly how I felt. I knew that the chances of this book living up to Alpha Girl were slim, but I would have been ok with a 4-star read. Instead, we got this… Happy Friday!!

  3. Oh wow, I’m gonna be staying well away from this series and this book… plenty of the things you’ve mentioned would piss me off and I would probably DNF it, so I’m not even gonna try starting it!

    Thank you for the honest review Carmel, I hope the next book will be much better for your sake!
    Pili recently posted…Cover Reveal: Hear Me by Viv Daniels!!

    • I’m not even 100% positive whether I’ll even bother with the next one, it’ll really depend on the blurb, and other reviewers’ feedback. It won’t be at the top of my buy list, that’s for sure.

  4. Ugh…so sad when a sequel suffers the SS. From the sound of it, #1 was great. I’m kinda hoping it’s only gonna be a trilogy so you’ll read the last one…and hopefully it redeems the series. But this one sure hit all your hot buttons – the *wrong* hot buttons. Can #1 be read as standalone? I might do that. *ha* Anyway, thanks for the great review, Carmel.
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…**New Release Review ~ The Heart of Christmas ~ Brenda Novak**

    • Unless the author does something really drastic, I don’t see how she’ll be able to redeem this story line after the way this book ended. Alpha Girl can definitely be read as a stand alone. 🙂

    • Yuck! It’s SO much worse when it happens in a duology because that’s all you’re ever gonna get. At least in this case the author has a chance to redeem herself.

  5. I haven’t heard of this series, and this book leads me to believe that isn’t a bad thing. I am tired of second book syndrome. This one would get on my nerves so I am skipping, I can’t believe you are actually considering reading the third.

    • What can I say, I’m a sucker for punishment! LOL I just loved the first book so much, that I’m reluctant to give-up even though I know that I should.

  6. Have not heard of this series but now I am kind of er. Sorry that the second book did not work for you, that is really disappointing ;/ nothing worse then a cliché but to have the second book tank like that, thats unfortunate.

    • Alpha Girl WAS really cool, and I highly recommend it, just so long as you read it with an open mind because it’s not your typical NA. This book on the other hand, sucked the big one.

  7. This makes me pause. I was on the fence with the first one because of the forbidden trope. I wasn’t sure how it was handled, but I was thinking on giving it a try. However, with this one… I’m thinking no. If the third blows you out of the water, I might again rethink, but for now it is a no for me.
    Melissa (Books and Things) recently posted…Talon by Julie Kagawa

    • I know!! I’ve been dying to use it! Angst is a big no-no for me as well, and even though this book didn’t have overly much of it, most of the other elements didn’t exactly work either.

  8. Oh I’m sorry this one wasn’t as good as the first one. I didn’t know it but I think I saw the cover a few days ago. But I confess I’m not sure… at last the world was interesting, that’s always a good thing.

    • I’m super torn as to whether I should continue reading or not. On the one hand I’m kinda curious, but on the other I’m dreading that book 3 might be even worse.

  9. I didn’t get too far in Fifty Shades of Grey, so correct me if I’m wrong, but hte romance seems to be want to be “shocking” like that series. Sorry this one didn’t meet your expectations, sounds like it started off interesting enough though.

    BTW I LOVE the “icon” for New Adult! 🙂

    • Bloomfield succeeded in delivering a shocking romance in book 1, but it would appear as though the novelty has worn off. Thanks for the icon love! They are available for purchase over at Parajunkee’s blog.

    • Isn’t a good New Adult ANYTHING kind of rare?? 😉 The cliffie was just the last straw in an already meh read. I don’t know what the author was thinking…