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Review: City of Eternal Night by Kristen Painter

Review: City of Eternal Night by Kristen Painter
City of Eternal Night by Kristen Painter
Series: Crescent City #2
Published by Orbit
Published on: December 2, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 432
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Still coming to terms with their unexpected partnership, Augustine and Harlow have a tentative truce. Although with Harlow slowly working to accept being fae, Augustine still learning how to be Guardian, and feelings growing on both sides, they do not have an easy road ahead.

But when a young girl is stolen from the Mardi Gras Exemplar Ball -- the biggest fae event of the year -- Harlow and Augustine must put all their issues aside to bring her home alive. Harlow's father, Branzino, is of course their number one suspect, but evil lurks in every corner of the city and time is running out. Their only choices: Either find a way to rescue the girl, or Augustine must die.

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The second installment in Kristen Painter’s CRESCENT CITY series was more plot than character driven which was a welcomed tweak because my prevailing criticism about book 1 was the heroine. In fact, I re-read my review of HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN before writing this one, and observed that all of the elements that I’d previously gripped over were amended in CITY OF ETERNAL NIGHT which is exactly what you want to see in a sequel. I asked for more fae mythology & less brattiness, and that’s precisely what the author delivered. Harlow did however make one rash decision towards the end which resulted in a super predictable ending, but other than that, I was one happy camper.

This universe is chock-full of magic and techie excellence; the gaming references, neato gadgets, and spelled clothing fed the nerd. I got a kick out of Harlow and Cy’s Realm of Zauron exchanges, the too-cool-for-school contact lens with built-in facial recognition, and that the beautiful dress that’s featured on the cover was described in vivid detail. The author also tackled well-known fae lore such as mirror travel, and the alternate plane which made for some very robust world-building. In addition, the real reason why Branzino (the villain) wants Olivia’s house so bad was explained, and both the witch & voodoo aspects of this story were in evidence as well.

In the earlier chapters I feared that a love triangle was on the brink of developing between Augustine, Nekai & Harlow, but Painter quickly put the kibosh on that which was a relief. I enjoyed this novel’s investigative-style plot line, and how the author used the various characters’ abilities to her advantage to solve the Fairy Queen’s kidnapping case. Lally’s back story was alarming to say the least, and I liked how all of the threads came together to form an exquisitely crafted cohesive whole. I was surprised that the antagonist was subdued this early on, but there are plenty of contenders to take his place, so I’m not the least bit concerned about this trilogy’s staying power.

Harlow finally showed remorse over her mother’s death, and seemed more open to her fae ancestry which were big pluses for me. I liked that she was deeply involved in Guardian business; it kept her character looking forward instead of wallowing in self-pity. I’m content with how her relationship with Augustine is progressing, and found that their chemistry was much improved in this installment. The only thing that stopped this from being an A+ read were the closing chapters; the heroine was quick to jump the gun after acquiring new info which in turn led to an ending that prompted more than one I-told-you-so moment. I hope this lamentable mistake won’t take all of book 3 to repair.

Kristen Painter’s fae were a head above the rest in CITY OF ETERNAL NIGHT—I ❤ this world!

Crescent City Series

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  1. So glad to hear that bratty Harlow is gone and there is not going to be a love triangle. Bratty Harlow was the worst part of book one. Can’t wait to get my hands on this audio.
    Melanie recently posted…Question: What Would You Do If You Were Not Allowed to Read For a WHOLE Week?

    • Harlow was my #1 beef with the first book too, and if she hadn’t changed her tune in this follow-up installment I would have been strongly tempted to quit this series. Yay for 2nd chances!

  2. Fae tales have always been a missed on my shelves, but I like the combination of the high tech, and the mystical elements of this story. I hope the series continue to improve for you, C. 🙂
    Joy (Joyousreads) recently posted…[463]: The Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly Black

    • Fae pop up in a lot of my reads, but they are rarely the main characters, so this was a nice change of pace for me.

  3. I loved her other series and really want to try this one as well.
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Blog Tour Promotional Post and Giveaway: The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer by Laxmi Hariharan

    • This is my first forage into Painter’s writing, and aside from a few bumps early on, I’m enjoying it.

  4. Okay, so I wanna marry that cover and have its babies 😐 Seriously gorgeous.
    Next, I wanna read the series, now. I’m afraid of the commitment, lol, but… uhhh, desire!!
    Livia recently posted…The Tears of the Rose by Jeffe Kennedy

    • That cover!! Even if I had decided to give up on this series, I still might have continued buying ’em just for the artwork. Fortunately, the story delivered too, so win/win!

  5. I love this cover! It’s so enchanting! I’ve never heard of this series before, but it looks interesting. I’m going to have to add it to my TBR!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • FYI House of the Rising Sun is on sale for only $1.99 until this one officially hits shelves on Tuesday. Grab it!

  6. Hey, she must have got your list of needs for book two. LOL! Seriously, glad it was a better read. I still have her other series to read first, but this one looks good too.
    Sophia Rose recently posted…Review: No Boundaries by S.E. Jakes

    • I compared notes with a number of reviewers, and most of us voiced the same complaints, so maybe that helped.

  7. I need to try one of her books one day. Sigh, one day
    blodeuedd recently posted…Mitosis – Brandon Sanderson

  8. I’m glad to hear that this book improved in all the complaints you had for book 1! Thankfully the heroine progressed and evolved in a good way, even with that last baaaad mistake and sort of “told you so” ending!
    That cover is absolutely stunning for sure!!
    Great review Carmel!
    Pili recently posted…Friday Reads: Review of The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher!!

    • This novel wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely an improvement over the last which is enough to entice me to continue reading this series. Here’s hoping that book 3 will knock my socks off!

  9. Oh yes, there is nothing better than when the author fixes everything that wasn’t so great in the first book for the sequel. Now that is a series I can get behind. I feel like it’s been forever since I read a fae book. This sounds great.
    Jennifer Bielman recently posted…Kindle & Nook Freebies #107 (Happy Thanksgiving)

    • There’s nothing that bugs me more than when an author makes the same mistakes in a series over and over again. So glad that Painter didn’t go that route. Her fae are terrific!

  10. The covers of this series are really beautiful! I haven’t started it because I remember being denied for book 1 but I should one day. I have book 1 of her other series but I still need to go into it as well.

    • I hold grudges whenever one of my ARC requests gets denied. I know it’s immature, but I get shut down so rarely that I just can’t help it.

  11. I’m in between reads now and I’m debating between this and Julie Ann Walker, good to know this was an improvement from the first one. You and I have similar feedback about the first book although I’m not one to like plot driven books. Here’s to hoping I enjoy this as much as you did.
    Braine Talk Supe recently posted…Bought, Borrowed & Bagged #127 + Pan

    • The ending was rather meh, but otherwise it was a solid follow-up, and the protagonist was likable which is always a biggie for me.

  12. I started this one in the car on audio on my way back from KY tonight. I’m on chapter 5 and it’s promising so far.
    Jennifer recently posted…Ho Ho Ho! Mistletoe Madness is back!

    • I haven’t tried these in audio yet, but I saw that you had started it on GoodReads. Happy listening!

  13. Thank goodness for no love triangle then. I still haven’t gotten around to the first book. Tho Maggie will probably read this.

    I read you and Jessica’s Shifting Shadows double review earlier in the car today while being driven around. By the hubs and now can’t find it to comment (for some reason it wouldn’t let me see the commenting box earlier….I’ll check again tomorrow then :p
    Tabitha (notyetread) recently posted…Review: Zombillenium Vol 2 & Betty Blues

    • If the review is older than 1 month, the comments are automatically disabled, because 99.99% of the time they are spam, so it saves me having to moderate ’em. There’s always GoodReads!

  14. Is Harlow less annoying and bratty in this one? It sounds like she’s made some steps towards character growth, so I’m feeling optimistic. I enjoyed the first book, but she drove me completely nuts! Looking forward to this one, I already have it and I’m going to start soon hopefully.
    Mogsy recently posted…Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul

    • Harlow’s attitude improved quite a bit in this installment, and we get more Augustine which helped too. The ending was blatantly obviously though.

  15. I read the first book in her other series and it was ok, but I didn’t continue with the series. I’m seeing this book around a lot and it seems good, but… I don’t know. I like the cover and that there is not love triangle, I hate love triangles… but as I said before… I don’t know.
    BookaholicCat recently posted…Movie Trailer: Pan

    • Painter’s writing style is different from what I’m used to in Urban Fantasy which can be both a good and bad thing. It all comes down to personal preference.

  16. I couldn’t wait to get the second installment. I read it in one setting!! I love the characters,the environment that they are in and CANNOT wait until the third comes out now!!! They’re both a must read and would make a great Christmas gift!!!….just saying lol

    • I read this novel as soon as it landed on my doorstep too. It would make an excellent gift, however I don’t have any bookworms on my shopping list. Ah well!

  17. Oooh…a marked improvement from book one to book two is a seriously good sign! I’ve been getting really into UF that incorporates the fae lately. I think I’m warming up to the idea of this series. And that cover helps, my goodness! As embarrassing as it is, I’ve always been a sucker for those “girl in a big dress” covers.
    Danya recently posted…Review: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

    • You’re not alone, I always fall for the pretty dresses on covers too. The heroine actually wears it in this book, and it’s described in vivid detail. I gobbled it up!

  18. Oh look at that cover though. So gorgeous *____* Well it’s great to read a sequel that just improves the series right? I haven’t read Fae books that much so this will definitely be added to my TBR 😀
    Paula M. recently posted…MONTHLY RUNDOWN #005: NOVEMBER 2014: KDramaBuddyWatch Invitation, guess who’s turning 19, co-blogger news

    • It’s hard not to one-click this novel on account of that cover. Mind you, a physical copy is even better!

  19. First off, I love the cover! 🙂 I remember your review of House of the Rising Sun, Carmel. I’m very happy that Painter was able to make some adjustments to the story to get you move invested in it. The world building sounds good and I’m glad that Harlow grew some as a character, even if she did make a big blunder at the end. I think I will eventually give this series a go. 🙂
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…**Release Day Blitz & Giveaway ~ Hansel Part 4 ~ Ella James**

    • As much as I adore the artwork, I still cringed when I first picked this book up expecting the worst. I’m ecstatic that Painter gave Harlow the kick in the butt she so badly needed!

  20. Oh, how I love when sequels turn out to be just like I wanted! I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this.
    Great review, Carmel!
    Glass recently posted…The Sunday Post (#35)

    • Seeing such growth from one installment to the next is so very rewarding for us readers. It makes it all worth while.

  21. I totally agree about the tech thing. That was my “why didn’t I write that in my review”moment. I also thought that was one thing that made Harlow feel more mature, seeing her in her element.

    • Haha! Those damn I should have thought of that when I wrote my review moments are fun. We’ve all been there! I’m sure I’ll have one when I read your post.

  22. Every time I see the covers for this series, I want to pick them up for that alone. I know, shallow of me, but true lol. I’m glad this one had more Fae lore and better chemistry you wanted, making book two a great addtion to the series. Thanks for sharing, Carmel. 🙂
    Kim { Book Swoon } recently posted…Young Adult Book Review: Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

    • The cover is probably the main reason why I picked-up the first novel, so I’m right there with ya. LOL! Well, that and I wanted to give Painter’s writing a chance. Finally.