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Angela Addams’ Kick-Ass Ladies + Giveaway #StompvsRomp

Stomp vs Romp

Kick-Ass Ladies

When Carmel asked me to be part of her Stomp team I was like, hell yes, I’m there! Seems a little strange I know, since my books are full of hot and steamy as well, I mean, I write erotic romance, how can I really pick a side? Easy. I blame it all on Buffy Summers.

Ever since I first encountered Buffy and her vampire slaying skillz, I knew that any genre with kick-ass female warriors was the one for me. I love powerful women. I love watching them, reading about them, but most of all, I love to write about them. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy are such a draw for me as a female writer because it gives me powerful women to envision and then bring to life. These characters whisper to me, tell me things they want to do, how they see their lives, how to fashion them into the embodiment of strength, fury, aggression and at times, sacrificial self-control. These characters let me explore my dark side and they give me the medium, and the opportunity, to empower other women. Be it with a witty retort, a take-no-shit attitude or an arrow between the eyes of some beastly foe, these are the women who hold my heart and soul as a writer and as a reader. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be tender, that they can’t make mistakes, or that they can’t fall in love. Far from it. These women are passionate and they’re questing for the thing that makes them complete in some way, whether that be vengeance, romance, acceptance or something else.

So, my heart belongs to paranormal romance and urban fantasy because where else are you going to find the girls who will chop you to bits with their broad sword, or vanquish your evil criminal ass with their magical fury? Stomp is where it’s at, yo.

Author Bio

Every day is Halloween for author Angela Addams. Enthralled by the paranormal at an early age, Angela spends most of her time thinking up new story ideas that involve supernatural creatures in everyday situations. She believes that the written word is an amazing tool for crafting the most erotic of scenarios.

She is an avid tattoo collector, a total book hoarder and loves anything covered in chocolate…except for bugs.

She lives in Ontario, Canada in an old, creaky house, with her loving husband and children.

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Her biggest mistake comes with fangs…and a nose for tracking her down.

Wherever there’s a lying, cheating scumbag who’s broken a woman’s heart, Vengeance Dealer Darcy Wells is there. So what if she isn’t the most skilled witch around? She’s only using one spell, which leaves the hapless male suffering tormenting lust for one woman. Her.

The beautiful part? This curse comes equipped with a blinding agent, allowing her a clean getaway. Unrequited lust, coming right up! As far as Darcy is concerned, it’s justice served. Her next target: Raven Glock, rock band bassist and drop-dead-gorgeous sex god.

When Raven lays eyes on the luscious Darcy, he gives her what he promises all the starry-eyed groupies who toss their panties at him—one unforgettable night in his bed. Sex with Darcy is so epic that he forgets his cardinal rule: to get her out before morning.

At the crack of sunrise, Darcy serves Raven a face full of cursed ash. But something goes horribly wrong…and she finds herself magically tethered to one pissed-off werewolf.

Worse, breaking the spell could cost her everything…maybe even her life.

Warning: Sexually explicit language, tattoos, piercings, and giant…um…feet. Wet panties are a given. Author assumes no responsibility for spontaneous ravishment of significant others, pool boys, or local pizza delivery personnel.


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Owner, designer and main blogger behind Rabid Reads. Avid book reader, snowboard bunny, video gamer and Supernatural fan. I love all things paranormal, werewolves especially. Oh, and I’m Canadian, eh!

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  1. You know me, TEAM STOMP 🙂
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Ugly Love Audiobook by Colleen Hoover review

  2. Buffy may very well have started my addiction to kickass heroines! 😉 Go Team Stomp!

    • Buffy is definitely up there on my list of favourite heroines! Thanks for voting!

    • Buffy started it all for me. I miss that show so much. Thanks for the vote!

  3. Go team STOMP!! Woooooo!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!!

    • Thanks for participating in Jennifer and I’s friendly competition this year, Angela!

  4. BUFFY! Yes. She was the first kickass female I can remember falling in love with and rooting for in every episode. And she often made mistakes and showed vulnerability which to me is every bit as important as being able to kick a vampire in the face 😉 Loved this post!

    • Angel helped to add a nice ROMP element to that TV series too, but we’re Team STOMP, so screw David Boreanaz! 😉

    • I love that too, Jenny! And Darcy in Cursed certainly makes some mistakes 😉 Thanks for the vote!

  5. Oh, I am completely with you!! I love the snark and then the ability to back it up. It’s fabulous. I’m Team Stomp all the way!!
    Mary recently posted…Do it in 140: Tweet-short Book Reviews (2)

  6. Hi Angela and Carmel! STOMP is totally where it’s at! I’m a huge Buffy fan, too.
    Robin Bielman recently posted…Hero Sneak Peek

    • Hi Robin! STOMP is the clearly the winner here 😉

    • I’m glad to hear it, Robin! Your post was only a few days ago, so if you’d already switched sides, I would have had to reconsider pimping you on social media. 😉

  7. SO MUCH YES to this post! YES to kick ass female heroines! And of course, yes to Buffy 🙂
    Julie recently posted…Sharing the Bookish Love – August 8, 2014

  8. Yay, Team Stomp! I love this post. And yes, I think BUFFY was my first kickass heroine that I adored, cheering her on each week. I love everything Angela has written here – Yes, kick-ass heroines rock 🙂
    kim { Book Swoon } recently posted…Young Adult Book Review: White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  9. Once again I loved this post and I agree, there is nothing quite like a kick butt heroine. I just recently started watching Buffy (only on season two) and actually really like it.
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Blog Tour and Book Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

  10. BUFFY! I agree! 🙂 There are some eps I like to rewatch. Love it when it is on rerun. 😀 Of course this does make me more curious about her writing.
    Melissa (Books and Things) recently posted…Cancel the Wedding: A Novel by Carolyn Dingman

    • Same here! I can never resist Buffy whenever reruns are airing on TV.

    • I like curious people 😉 Thanks for the vote, Melissa!

  11. Love the sound of Cursed. Adding it to my TBR 🙂

  12. Yup, totally blame Buffy! I say STOMP with some ROMP afterwards. 😉
    Christy recently posted…Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

  13. Go Team Stomp!!! How could I not love a post that ends with…”where else are you going to find the girls who will chop you to bits with their broad sword, or vanquish your evil criminal ass with their magical fury”…Where else indeed. 🙂
    Ginny recently posted…Meet and Greet and Giveaway with Author CeCe Osgood

    • I know! I wanted to tweet that entire sentence to help pimp the post cuz it’s so great, but unfortunately it’s longer than 140 characters.

    • lol Thanks, Ginny!

  14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is definitely a heroine to admire. Team Stomp gets my vote.

  15. I am in a STOMP Mood and love snark!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson

  16. So I’ve only seen one episode of Buffy the vampire slayer out of curiosity one day and I must admit that Buffy is a GREAT example of a kickass woman. I love those as well, expecially in UF, PNR or fantasy books. They bring some cool atmoshpere inside a story. Thanks for sharing with us, Carmel. 🙂
    Lola recently posted…Review of Orphan Blade by M. Nicholas Almand and Jake Myler

  17. Yay, team STOMP! I love snark, too. This is such a fun and awesome post, Carmel!
    Hafsah recently posted…DEFECTOR by Susanne Winnacker — Review

  18. Wow, I really loved this post Carmel! Buffy Summers is absolutely awesome and she really is the embodiment of a perfect urban fantasy heroine isn’t she? I just love how kick ass they are!
    Jeann recently posted…Introducing Our New Co-Blogger Michelle!

  19. Buffy started my addiction too! I’ve not read any of your books… but I now plan to… Great post!

  20. I totally agree with this. One thing is sure, girls rock in UF books. I love most of the main characters there. Boys aren’t bad, but girls own that show. Great post. 🙂
    Tanja recently posted…City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

  21. Didn’t really watch Buffy

  22. I love this post! And I agree, the badass and snarky MC’s are definitely in UF. Go Team Stomp!
    Dea S. recently posted…[Teasers] Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

  23. I agree, Buffy totally made me love all kickass female lead books. And who can beat them being all snarky too!
    Jennifer Bielman recently posted…Stacking The Shelves #89: Plague World

    • Buffy was a great intro to kick ass female protagonists. Urban Fantasy wouldn’t be the same without her!

    • Thanks, Jennifer!

  24. I never really got into Buffy but, kick ass women are awesome! Especially when they can still be a girl. I guess I am a weird feminist, I like the motto different but equal.
    Tina recently posted…Review: Crushed by Eliza Crewe

    • It takes more than just being good with a sword to be kick ass, you have to look good doing it too!

    • I know what you mean, Tina!

  25. I’m definitely all for empowering women! 🙂
    Tabitha (not yet read) recently posted…Review: Visions by Kelley Armstrong