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A Stompin’ Good Excerpt From Tricia Skinner + Giveaway #StompvsRomp

Stomp vs Romp

The lovely Tricia Skinner is knee deep in edits at the moment working on the next installment in her ANGEL ASSASSINS series that’s due out later this fall from Entangled Publishing. So, she opted to share an action-y excerpt from her latest book, ANGEL KIN, instead. Enjoy!

Angel Kin Excerpt from Chapter 10

               Abel stared into the cold, unreadable eyes. Rahab shoved him away and clasped his hands behind his back.
               “Select two weapons.” The angel’s eyes narrowed with his dangerous invitation. “Prove that my brethren have not miscalculated in keeping you alive.”
               Bloody fucking hell. A challenge. Abel stomped to the rack and grabbed the closest swords. He extended his arms, testing each weapon’s balance. Rahab’s angelic gifts were unknown to him, but he brushed the fact aside and tossed a sword to his opponent. As soon as the Renegade touched the hilt, the blade burst into flame.
               Well, shit.
               Abel swung his sword on an arc. The blade’s descent should catch the angel’s left arm, but Rahab dematerialized in an implosion of smoke and light and Abel struck empty air.
               Double shit.
               A pop was the only warning he received a split second before the Renegade’s blade thrust forward. The damned fallen asshole had rematerialized behind him. Abel spun, deflecting the blow, but a lick of flame singed the skin near his kidney.
               Dravyn cackled off to the side, obviously enjoying the show. Bastard. Abel locked that away in his mental torture file. One day soon, the dark elf would die swallowing his tongue.

Author Bio

I’m Tricia Skinner and I write Urban Fantasy with Romantic Elements. I’m a former journalist who discovered my inspiration to write fiction as an escape from “real life.” My reading tastes are all over the place, but I’m mainly drawn to fantasy (and its subgenres), paranormal, sci-fi, and history.

When I’m not writing, I’m a newbie “green” practitioner, fitness procrastinator, and a technology geek. I’m a mother and a wife. My family includes two Great Danes. I’m also a gamer. I enjoy interacting with my fellow geeks and helping other writers, especially through the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of Romance Writers of America where I’ve served as Newsletter Editor.

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Angel Kin

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While channeling Robin Hood’s “steal from the rich and give to the poor” attitude at a local politician’s house, ex-con Katie Logan witnesses a forced suicide. Dirty or not, supernatural or not, he didn’t deserve to die, especially not by his own hand. But with her record, stepping forward as a witness isn’t an option. On the run from the police and the murderer, she turns to The Bound Ones for help.

When a beautiful woman comes to The Bound Ones, half-angel assassin Cain is immediately drawn to her. But when she fingers him as the killer, he can come to only one conclusion. The twin he thought was dead is very much alive…and trying to send him a message. Unfortunately, that message is: “You’re next.”

It’s a race against time as Cain fights to save the woman he’s falling in love with before his brother Abel destroys them both.


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  1. I one-clicked Angel Kin right after I read your review, Carmel! I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my calendar for soon. 🙂 And I can’t wait. *squee*

    STOMP! I vote STOMP!!

    • Ha! Glad to hear Carmel’s “power of suggestion” works. I promise you’ll get lots of STOMP and more than one good romp. 😉

    • Thanks, Brandee! There’s no bigger compliment than a one-click that resulted from reading my review. 🙂

  2. Great excerpt! I love a good sword fight 😉
    Cat recently posted…[Coffee Shop Talks] My Favorite Controversial Read!

    • Thanks, Cat. Oh yeah. A good sword fight hits several happy buttons. I enjoy bullets flying, too, but the up-close-and-personal nature of something sharp and point… Yes, I’m still talking about swords. 😉

    • I knew you would! That better mean that you’re Team Stomp all the way, Cat! Either way, thanks for voting.

  3. I’m not familiar with this series but now I want to be. 😛
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

    • And I want you to be. Be sure to enter the contest and vote STOMP!

    • One little excerpt, and you’re already a goner? That was too easy!

  4. Nice excerpt. This is a new author for me and I do love finding new
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Junk Mail

    • I’m the same, Mary. I’ve stumbled onto several kick-butt authors through STOMP vs ROMP. I’m a reader first so I’m thrilled.

    • I invited a pretty even split of new & old authors this year for that very reason. I’m thrilled that I was able to introduce you to Tricia Skinner’s Angel Assassins!

  5. YEAH!! Love this series! Go Team Stomp!
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  6. This sounds pretty kick-ass, and I want it! That excerpt is great, and I’m picturing that sword flaming up right before Renegade’s socks it to Abel. Thanks for sharing Tricia and Carmel 🙂
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  7. Ok, cool, this sounds good 🙂
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    • What’s this, TWO approvals from you in one day!? *faints*

    • And that’s all it takes to find a potentially awesome new series. 😉 Thanks, blodeuedd!

  8. Yep… Team STOMP! This sounds like such a good UF! Enjoyed the excerpt!
    Melissa (Books and Things) recently posted…I Want it That Way by Ann Aguirre

    • Yay! So glad that you liked Abel, now just wait until you meet Cain! 😀 Thanks for voting, Melissa.

    • I loved writing this story. I hope readers enjoy it.

  9. The guy on the left in the first picture can’t seem to decide which weapon to use. He’s got it all covered.
    Stephanie Faris recently posted…I’m Radiant!

    • Hehe it’s good to come prepared! You know what they say, never bring a gun to a knife fight, so I’m assuming that it goes both ways.

    • Ha! Cain doesn’t take chances.

  10. Lords above and below..I want to read these now. I am still voting stomp!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle

    • Nice! There’s only one installment out so far, so you still have plenty to time to catch-up before book 2 releases this fall.

    • My TBR grew from this competition. Not a bad thing. 😉

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    • It’s good to see her author peeps out supporting her today!

    • Aw, thanks Celia. You’ve been around the boys for a while. Thank you for the critiques. 🙂

  14. Interesting sounding book