Question: Are You Stricter or More Lenient When Rating a Well-Loved Series?

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This is kind of a complicated question for me. Yes, I know, it looks fairly straight-forward, but we’re talking about “well-loved” series. I don’t know about you, but “well-loved” series elicit very strong emotions from me.

Take Magic Rises, Kate Daniels #6 for example. I gave it 4.5 or 5 stars (I won’t know for sure until I reread it, ’cause that’s just how I roll), but man, in a review, I could really rip that book up one side and down the other. Why? Because it ripped me up one side and down the other. Things happened in that book that I never thought would happen. Or I was made to believe things happened that I thought never would. Of course, it turned out fineΒ in the end—this is Kate and Curran we’re talking about—but the getting to the fine?

NOTΒ fine. Not fine by a long-shot.

Because I’m emotionally invested in this well-loved series. You jerk my emotions around like that, and I’m not going to like it. I may lash out at the provocation. But as evidenced by my 4.5 or 5 star rating, my tantrums tend to be verbal, rather than detrimental to overall ratings. In fact, I may actually rate a book from a well-loved series that I’m angry about (for whatever reason) more highly than I would a less favorite series or book with the same issues—even if I didn’t like a certain aspect of a particular installment, I still love the characters. I still love the relationships, I still love the whole world that the story takes place in.

So if you read a review of mine and it’s full of vitriol despite of the high rating . . . now you know why. *wink*

So how about you?

Are You Stricter or More Lenient When Rating a Well-Loved Series?

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106 responses to “Question: Are You Stricter or More Lenient When Rating a Well-Loved Series?

  1. I am tougher. I rank the series against itself so if most of the books are a 4 or 5 and one just jerks me away from my “I love this series” feelings then I am not afraid to give it a 2 or a 3. I will probably also note that if I was comparing it against other books in the genre it would have been higher but this is XXXX we are talking about πŸ™‚ Then again, I think I am all around a bit tougher on my favorite authors—darn those expectations!

    • I’m actually getting better about that now. My Hollows and Sookie Stackhouse rating have at time been significantly lower with my rereads then they originally were, but I admit that I need a bit of distance to be able to do that.

  2. That is a tough one. If it is a book that I have high expectations of going in, I can be tough. Though as I’ve been doing some re-reads/listens, I’ve noticed that I thought I rated too high. The second time through I noticed more things that I thought should lower the rating. I noticed this a lot with LKH lately. Her inability to keep character features straight, when she lists them over and over, drives me crazy. I think the first time through I’m so caught up in the story, that smaller things like that get lost in my “selective memory”.

    I do agree with Felicia. I rate books against other books within the series, as well as authors against themselves.

    • Yeah, that what I just said to Felicia too—I’m noticing on rereads that I think I rated the books too high the first time through. I think it’s easier to pick up on things like that with rereads b/c you’re typically reading a bunch of installments back-to-back rather than just one.

  3. I think this varies from book to book and series to series. On the one side, I want to be lenient because I love the series, and if I’m really invested in the world I’ll probably be more lenient in judging whether or not to continue a series. On the other side, I have really high expectations, which may cause me to judge the books more harshly than I would otherwise. Overall though, I think having a strong cast of characters and interesting plot development is probably the most important thing for my continuing to rate a series highly.

    • That’s definitely true for me too. If I’m feeling distinctly let down by an installment from a favorite series, I can be overly harsh in the rating. But if it’s a smallish thing, I do make allowances that I wouldn’t for another series.

  4. All my ratings are 100% objective despite feelings of series, cover, author, or how late my kid went to bed. *snort*

    Probably tougher though, expectations shape so many thoughts.

    • LOL. Yeah, while reading all of you guys’ thoughts I’m discovering that I can rate harshly too, if the disappointment reaches beyond standard issues. But you’re right—too many variables for me to say that I consistently do anything in regards to this topic.

  5. I think I’m like you – I think it’s possible that I might rate a book in a series I love a bit higher as long as I’m still left feeling that high by the end. Is it fair? Maybe not, but there’s something to the fact that you’re so wrapped up in the characters and the world.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • Exactly. When a series is so great that you’re completely immersed in it’s world despite a few minor issues, I don’t think a break on the rating is unfair. BUT as the same time, I’m starting to realize that if a book from a beloved series is more than just a minor disappointment, I’ll rate it all the more harshly b/c I’m that much more disappointed. Temperamental creature, I am πŸ˜‰

  6. Oooo good question! I think I’m probably more lenient in my ratings, though like you, I tend to get worked up about things far faster in series I love. Characters I’ve grown to absolutely adore over a number of books can piss me off faster or hurt me more than characters I’ve just met (obviously), so my emotions tend to pinball a bit more in established series. Still, if I get angry or hurt or I’m made to cry, it just means I’m emotionally involved and that stems from loving the books in the first place, so I tend to rate higher:)

    • PINBALL<------excellent description of what I feel like while reading a new book from a beloved series. And yes, I crave that kind of interaction. If a book doesn't make you feel anything, then what's the point. I think that should definitely be taken into consideration when rating a book.

  7. It depends I hold out five coffee cups for unique plots, perfect flow and those books I cannot set a lot of series I adore especially small town settings average 3-4 coffee cups. Now Charley Davidson series falls in the four to five cup since she amazes me time and time again. I will continue a series I love if there is a lemon in the bunch, at least for a few more. Sometimes I think I may be a little harder on some series.

  8. A little of both, actually. If I’m invested in the series, I want to love the story so I go in thinking the best but, if you disappoint me, I’m even more pissed, since I am invested. I might rate it high to start with but then, when I think about it, might actually lower my rating. Yes, I’m fickle with my ratings but it’s only because I love my books.

    • Me too. I didn’t take into consideration what I’d do if I was TRULY disappointed in a well-loved series, but when there is a BIG let down, I’m infinitely harsher than I would be with a series I was MEH about.

  9. Love this question and I’m with you all the way. If I love a series, it gets automatic karma points from me. Kate Daniels is a great example; I will never rate a book in that series lower than 4 stars unless they do something like kill Kate or Curran lol. I find this is also starting to rub off on me for authors in general. I love Jenn Bennett and her Arcadia Bell series. When I read her new series debut, Bitter Spirits, I wasn’t in love with it but I rated it higher just because I couldn’t give Jenn Bennett so few stars!

    • Yeah, I don’t even want to think about what the Andrews would have to do to make me give one of their books less than 4 stars. *shudders* And I might be like you are with Jenn Bennett with a first installment, but if I still feel the same way after book 2 . . .

  10. I can definitely be lenient when it comes down to it and it doesn’t just apply to a well loved series for me although there is that. I, as a reader, want a handful of things and if those things are delivered in the way I like them.. I’d probably end up overlooking several issues.

    This actually happened to me a while ago, I was all set to give this book a 4 but it didn’t end the way I wanted it to and I ended up giving it a 1 because once the book failed to do the one thing I had hoped it would, a lot of the other issues the book had become evident to me and really stated grating on me..

    I feel kind of guilty when I do that though .-.

    Fantastic post, Jess <3

    • Thanks, dollface! And yeah, there are all kinds of variables that I don’t even notice that determine my overall impression of a book. Like you, I can absolutely love it, but then if something happens that is unacceptable, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care that I loved it prior to The Thing, b/c The Thing ruined it, the end. But I don’t feel guilty. Usually, I’m too mad to feel guilty πŸ˜‰

  11. Yeah, honestly, I think I do that. I think if I really love a series, even if it has flaws, I still rate it pretty high. I didn’t really realize that until you brought it to my attention, so thanks. I’ll be more careful of that in the future. I’m feeling a little guilty now… lol! πŸ™‚

  12. I think I do the same. There’s something about being invested in a series and author, where a not-so-great book may have you venting, but there’s a good chance I would be tempted to be more tolernant. Great question, Jessica πŸ™‚

  13. Very good question. It probably does affect my rating, but I try to be consistent in my reviews. Sometimes, even if I don’t care as much as others on a like it scale, if it has all the elements that are required for a high rating, it gets that and I try to explain why. Same with a lower rating. I think we all get better at rating the more reviews we write and read of others.
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    • I’ve definitely gotten a lot stricter since I’ve been here. I’d say that at least half of my rereads have gotten significantly lower ratings. But I’ll probably always rate a bit more leniently with well-loved series, b/c what am I going to do? Start automatically deducting half a star if it’s one of my favorites? Pfft. I’ll just make sure it’s clearly stated that I LOVE the series, and that will have to be good enough πŸ˜‰
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  14. I’m sure I am more lenient in most cases. I think I have more faith when I love a series and its not yet completed, so I try to see the good and wait for issues to be resolved/fixed in the next one. But I have one series that I feel I was harder on because I loved it right up until the very end. Then it lost me, and now I just have to do my best to not be bitter πŸ™‚
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    • I also have to fight book bitterness occasionally, but I don’t think it’s an issue of faith for me, I think it’s an issue of emotional investment. In a series, I already love, one area of disappointment isn’t going to effect the overall picture that much. So I’m not going to be as upset as I would be were I not as invested with = more lenient. That’s just the way it is, but hey, I’m glad to know that about myself πŸ˜‰
      Jessica recently posted…Early Review: The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

  15. I try to be consistent. I mean there are days I am stricter with my criteria, especially if it’s a book I really looked forward to because hello! high expectations! but I’m rarely lenient. It doesn’t feel fair, you know? You may argue that being stricter isn’t fair either, but I think being stricter with something is actually more of a compliment because it means I’m taking the book seriously, and that there is already this pre-conceived expectations that I think it will be good. Haha. Is my reasoning strange? Hopefully not!
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  16. I do, but I say so right up front in my review. Everyone feels bias towards a series/author that is near and dear to their heart. I don’t want anyone to not try a series because of one not so great book in the middle somewhere. For those I give a double rating one from the heart, usually 5, and a rating as a reviewer.
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  17. My first instinct was to say that I am more lenient but then I read the rest of your post and…I don’t know LOL! I always try to be objective and fair but it is hard not to want to automatically rate a series or author you love higher just because you love them.

    I would say I may slightly more lenient but still very fair and honest. At least I really hope so!
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  18. +JMJ+

    I think I tend to be generous when reviewing a favourite series, but if I think a book has gone against the spirit of the series (which is what got me reading in the first place), then I come down really hard. Does that make sense? =)

    • That makes perfect sense, b/c it’s what I do too. I didn’t take that part of it into consideration when I first answered the question, but I rated the Kate book 4.5 -5 stars b/c it was an excellent book regardless of the emotional roller coaster it put me through. If it hadn’t been an excellent book, and it put me through that . . . after my head exploded, I would have rated it much more harshly than I would if the same thing happened in a previously unread series. Emotional readers, we are πŸ˜‰
      Jessica recently posted…Early Review: The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

  19. I hadn’t ever really thought about it, Jessica, but I guess I am a bit more lenient. And I too would rate a book from a well-loved series high even if it evoked high emotions. BECAUSE it evoked such high emotions. Unless, of course, the things that evoke such emotions don’t make sense with how the characters, story, etc., have been written. That tends to just piss me off. *ha*

  20. I used to feel I was a bit lenient with my beloved authors until some of them decided to kill off some of my favorite characters! LOL I think I’m a little tougher on my ratings now that I’m a blogger and that even applies to my favorite series. It’s a bit harder to rate a book 5 stars when an author strays from the elements I’ve come to love throughout the series. I try to be fair but also give my honest opinion of the book. This was a great question, I hadn’t really thought I changed my reviewing and rating since becoming a book blogger but I guess I have!

  21. This one’s so hard because it really does depend. I think i’ve been eagerly anticipating the book for like months (or even a few years) than yeah i’m pretty strict on it at first read but when i’m not CRAZY in love with it but still really enjoy it i am pretty leniant. i guess it all depends on how invested i am in the story and characters. if the characters and story are my babies than yeah i’m going to be harsh lol, if i just really enjoy the series than i guess i don’t mind settling.
    Great discussion topic πŸ™‚
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  22. I admit that I get tougher with a series, and I start seeing the holes in the plot. While I may enjoy the characters, the romance. I also wonder at times why the heck am I reading it lol .

    I noticed this while reading the chicagoland vamps. My reviews started out strong for the series and slowly went down. I broke up with the series when it seemed the scooby gang was doing it all.
    julie recently posted…( Don’t you ) forget about me

    • I just reread that series a few months ago, and I have to admit that reading them all back-to-back was kind on enlightening. Merit seems to be running around in circles, and the bad guys are horror movie bad guys that are never really dead. But by the time I finished, it was no longer a beloved series, so it doesn’t qualify, LOL.

  23. Hmm … It changes from series to series. I remember though, when I first got on GR, I had read maybe … more than half of the Rachel Morgan series already. Since I knew I loved the series, I just rated them all 5 stars. lol. I think I’ve rated every book in that series 4.5-5 even though there have been a couple I thought weren’t AS good. With a series like that, it’s more of an emotional thing, like a best friend, ya know? I think that’s the only series I’m like that with though.
    Christy recently posted…Don’t You Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn

    • LOL, I am dealing with that RIGHT NOW. I’m up to book 5 in my reread, and I haven’t left a single installment as is. I am definitely guilty of that, but it’s rare that I’ll got the 5 star route across the board. I did it with The Hollows, and some of the Women of the Otherworld book (those got changed too), and I definitely did it with some of the Sookie books. Rereads are turning out to be mighty enlightening these days . . .

    • Definitely a good plan to try to keep the books separate. No really, I’ve really struggled with that b/c I’ll be in a binge-read, and I won’t want to take the time to review between books, but if I don’t . . . it all runs together.

  24. Hmmm I think I go both ways actually. I love the characters so I think I’m already predisposed to like the books. But I’m also so emotionally invested in then, that if they disappoint me or do something that I don’t like, it hits harder and I may take it out out in my rating – as if I’m personally hurt. Because you know, the books was for ME πŸ˜‰
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    • Yeah, as I’m going through responses, I’m realizing that I’m that way too–more lenient, unless I’m not, and then overly critical. B/c you’re right, that book was totally written for ME, lolz.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I do too . . . unless, like you said, there are MULTIPLE lousy installments, and then I turn bitter with the betrayal. I have a hard time feeling bad about it too, b/c I kind of feel like they brought it on themselves. Is it weird that we treat authors just like any other person we have a relationship with, LOL?

  25. Hmmm…. I don’t know how to answer this one. I think if I love the series but one of the books is not as hot as the others I would probably re-read it and then rate it. I won’t probably go lower than a 4 because like you said I still love the characters. Take for instance my favorite author EVER Melina Marchetta, I will give a 5 star rating to anything she writes because there’s no way in hell that woman can write a bad book πŸ™‚
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  26. Great question and fantastic discussion – I think that when rating a book that is in a much loved series, I tend to rate it higher unless I had difficulty getting into the book. There was an instance of a much loved series where a later book simply bored me. I still gave the book 3 stars, because the series is good, but I wondered if the series was fizzling out. In the case of Magic Rises, I did experience a little bit of anxiety about a character, however the overall series is excellent so I gave it 5 stars.
    Then we can always go back and look at LKH’s Anita Blake where the ratings drop as the series continues….
    AH recently posted…New Release Review: Fall From India Place by Samantha Young

    • Yeah, I’m the same. Magic Rises may have given my heartburn (or heart-raging-inferno), but overall the experience WAS excellent, and I agree about Anita Blake as well. EXCEPT, I did actually like that last installment. First 4 star rating from me in about 10 books . . . but I’ve always had a soft spot for Edward, AND had a creepy fascination with Olaf, so maybe that’s why πŸ˜‰

  27. I don’t think I rate it higher but then I checked say Kim Harrison’s books and I definitely rated a lot of those high. I think once I’m in and invested I tend to just love it because I love the characters. HOWEVER that is not true if I feel they are just starting to rinse repeat. I did rate at least one in that series a 1 or a 2 star. So if they fail in some area then I will totally rate accordingly.
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Review: Tides by Betsy Cornwell

    • Yep. Me too. I didn’t think about the flip-side to my (mostly) unwavering loyalty to a seriesβ€”that if I’m disappointed, I’m HELLA disappointed, rather than just MEH like I would be in a regular series. I can’t think of an instance where I’ve 1-starred an installment from a beloved series, but I’ve definitely 2.5-3.0-starred, and you know that for me 3 stars isn’t that great . . .

  28. Oh this is such a hard question! >.< I'm more lenient I think….or else harsher?? lol! I know I rated the Gone series all higher because I was hopelessly in love with MOST of the books. But I get hopelessly loyal to series! I get stuck on the characters and I can’t not love them, even if the book quality isn’t quite as good. I love your discussion topics!
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    • I think we’re all that way a little bit. Even the people that swear up and down that they’re totally fair and unbiased—I don’t see how that’s possible unless you grade yourself on a curve, b/c you’re going to naturally like something you’re more invested in than something new. There’s no way to account for that really. At least I don’t think there is.

  29. I think I tend to be tougher on series I really love, because I’m already emotionally invested in the characters/world/plot/relationship. So I guess I have expectations, and if my heart gets broken, I’m gonna feel more disappointed about the book than if I would’ve felt about a new-to-me series. But it also works the other way, meaning when I like something about that series I might like it more than I would have in another book, cause FEELS… lol.

    I try to stay objective and in the end I think we are, because we’re going with our inner fangirl feels which do influence all our ratings anyway, right? πŸ˜€
    Livia recently posted…Desire at Dawn by Fiona Zedde

    • I think we all do that to a degree. I didn’t think about the flip-side when answering the question myself, but yes, while I may be lenient with favorite series that don’t disappoint, I’m definitely harsher when they do.

  30. Probably lenient. I tend to rate a book well and then when I’m writing a review it seems to be all negative stuff. This seems to happen more with authors I love than ones I’m not already invested in.
    Kristina D recently posted…Some Thursday Randomness

    • My ratings tend to reflect my reviews b/c if I rate something highly, then while writing the review I’m reminded of lots of things I didn’t like, I’ll go back and change my rating. Like I’m pretty sure my last review started as a 3.5, but the more I though about it, the less happy I was, and . . .

  31. This might sound weird (at least if it were coming from anyone but me), but I’m generally more lenient towards werewolf books. Shocker, I know! As for well-loved series, I guess it depends on the author.

  32. I think I always end up rating the book based on the series. I love the Chicagoland Vampires series. Is each book perfect? No! But I do love what they add to the series as a whole. It’s easier to let things go when you love a series and I’m okay with that. Ethan Sullivan has a way of making forget about things you may not have liked πŸ™‚
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  33. Exactly. If I love a story and it really resonates with me including the world, the characters, but things in it kinda annoyed me or wasn’t what I expected, I tend to be more lenient on them than a new book or world that I’ve just picked up. Didn’t help when it came to that awful Night Huntress book with Kramer though *shudders* That one was a 3 star.
    Jeann recently posted…TFIOS Aftermath: Why do we love sad movies?

    • I don’t know if I read that one. I’m two books behind in that series, and I keep putting them off b/c it’s been so long that I really need a reread before picking up new (to me) ones. But yeah, definitely—when I love the series, I make allowances . . . until I don’t, and then brace yourself πŸ˜‰

  34. I would have to say I’m probably soft on well loved series or books. I can’t help but love the characters. A great example is BDB. This series is getting rather long and the last few books certainly don’t hold the charm of the first half of the series but I still like the books, buy them, read them, and rate them pretty high. I can’t help but love the characters even though the author is messing up the plot lines a little.
    Alexa recently posted…Undeniable

    • YEP. Me too. But as long as you’re up front about the problems you had, I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s why we WRITE reviews. If people just want an overall rating, they can check Goodreads, and be done with it πŸ˜‰

  35. I’m a bit more strict as well as I try to not look too much into the hype. I have been disappointed many times by series that been loved to death. For example I didnt like the vampire academy series, I didnt finish or want to finish Divergent however I did like the movie.

    I do the same with book that some people liked soso and I end up loving it. So I pretty much try to go into a series with an open mind.
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    • Hmmm . . . you took that question completely differently than I did, but I wonder now, if that’s the way it was intended. Yeah, I’m the same way. I try to stay away from the hype, and even if it’s unignorable, it doesn’t impact my rating. If I like, I like it, if I don’t, I don’t, the END. I don’t believe that writing book reviews is about placating the masses—not even a little bit. PS, I refuse to read the last book in the Divergent trilogy too πŸ˜‰

  36. I actually don’t care. It all depends. If you’re great, then you get a great rating. If you’re just downright terrible, I don’t care – I’m just going to give you a bad rating.

    I mean… that’s honesty right? I can’t fake reviews. Unless I want to plagiarize. Which… won’t be pretty, XD
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  37. I am more lenient to new authors, but someone I love and read for years?.. If they disappoint me I am known to go on a snarky rant :)) Although I would not berate an author for a shocking twist in a plot *laughing* I know what you meant by Magic Rises! What I can’t stand is a significant drop in the quality of writing. That I can’t forgive.
    kara-karina recently posted…Friday Mini Reviews #23 – Anne Bishop, Meredith Duran & Patricia Briggs

    • Yes, and you know that I love a good snarky rant πŸ˜‰ I will try to be more lenient for authors under specific circumstances (like indies), but if they’re REALLY bad, I might just chose not to review them. I’ll rate them, and if someone asks me, I’ll tell them the truth, but I won’t destroy is in a review.

  38. I get what you’re saying about Magic Rises, but I actually really liked the twists that book had-I think it was a good way to keep the storyline fresh. However, I did have a similar reaction like you had, for the book Blameless, which is the third book in Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series. I spent most of that book so mad at the male protagonist, like seriously pissed, lol. Of course it worked out by the end of the book, but I was not happy for most of the book. I ended up giving that book a 4 star rating, vs the 5 star ratings I gave every other book in that series. It was still a good book, so it deserved the 4 stars πŸ™‚
    Finley Jayne recently posted…My Normally Scheduled Feature has Been Postponed, Because this Girl is Tired!

    • Yeah, exactly. Even though Magic Rises was VERY upsetting to read, it was still an excellent book, so it got the high rating. BUT . . . if it hadn’t been excellent and the twists and the turns, and had just been upsetting, I would probably have fallen on the other side of the spectrum b/c it would have bothered me that much more. Good thing the Andrews are awesome, huh? πŸ˜‰

    • NEVER. If they don’t get married in book 7, I’m going to lose my mind. I don’t even care if that means I’m spineless and weak-willed. If that’s all that needs to happen to prevent that from ever happening again . . . Get. It. DONE.

  39. Yeah, rating well-loved series are hard. Sometimes I’m harder on a book because I know the author can do sooo much better (I wasn’t a fan of GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS, for example, although I’ve liked everything else RM has ever written to some degree), and yet for others, I’m with you–I’ll overlook stuff that might drive me crazy elsewhere, or because other elements are well-written, or because I love the series as a whole and still think they’re worth reading, or because, I admit it, I want to help “support” the series. I rated BOUNDLESS by CH 4 stars, for example, when certain parts of it really bothered me. But I love that series so much, and I knew that part of why I felt that way was because of the choices that Clara made that I didn’t agree with, so…it was kind of an effort to be objective, hah.
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    • I get you. I can’t remember if I’ve read Boundless or not yet (I’ve read book 1 and maybe 2), and even if I have, it’s been too long for me to recall, but on the RM front . . . I don’t know if you’ve read the Dark Swan series or not, but up until the very last part, of the very last book, that was by FAR my favorite RM series. Then Eugenie went and did this AWFUL thing, and yes, b/c I was so invested in the story, it hit a lot harder than it would have, and yes, I still gave it four stars (but honestly, I had consciously thought throughout the book that it was going to be my first 5 star for RM, but then she had to go and ruin it). I think you just helped me flesh-out another question idea, lol.

  40. Oh good question! Most of the series I read now are trilogies so that’s not really long BUT I do tend to be more critical because I keep comparing it to the first – or the one I like best which is usually the 1st. As for the actual rating I think maybe I’d round up instead of down if it came as a half star, mostly bc I also see the series as a whole. Like the Pushing the Limits book 2 I really didn’t like compared to the rest, but I’d still give the series as a whole to everyone to read. And maybe I’d warn them book 2 is not as good. Or maybe not >.<
    Giselle recently posted…Review: Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

    • I do a lot of rounding myself, and definitely with the comparisons. That’s one thing that has changed drastically since I started doing this, especially with rereads—LOTS of ratings going up or down based on immediate comparisons.

  41. Great question and one that is so hard for me to answer. Have I ever told you that I really don’t like ratings? I think it’s my aquarius nature and me wanting to rebel against conformity. For me ratings are so subjective and in the end all I can really say is if I loved a book or not but I know we have to use ratings so I comply. πŸ™‚ See how easily I went off topic there. That’s a sure indication that I don’t know how to answer so I just fill up space with B.S. πŸ™‚ My guess is that I am more lenient on series that I love but since I’m struggling with how to rate Heart of Venom for a review this week I just don’t know.
    Ginny recently posted…Sunday Post Week in Review and Upcoming Posts #24

    • I get you. I tend to be a bit rebellious myself, but usually the things I rebel against are the things I’m not given an explanation for, OR if the explanation I’m given doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, ratings make sense to me, so I’m not bothered by them πŸ˜‰ And man . . . I don’t wanna talk about that series. I’ve been afraid of that series ever since Deadly Sting. YOU KNOW WHY πŸ˜‰

  42. man…tough question. I tend to be stricter because I think you expecting more, possibly a better story than the last. Its hard to continue with a series and its not getting better, only worse. Yeah, I would be stricter…much stricter. You can’t have folks invested in your world…stories and jack it all the the high heavens.
    sharonda recently posted…Video Book Review: Harmony by Sienna Mynx

    • Oh, yes you can . . . LOL. No, I get you. And in regards to that, I’m the same. It’s when there are little things that would ordinarily bug me in regular (to me) books, but don’t make a dent when it’s a well-loved series b/c a lot of times that stuff doesn’t even register. I’m too caught up in the world and characters that I love, so those little things don’t even make an impact. Sometimes . . .