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Sultry Listeners Awards Nominations Now CLOSED

2013 Sultry Listeners Awards

We are proud to bring you the second annual SULTRY LISTENERS AWARDS, where we the fans get to crown the Best Romance Listen of 2013.

Nominations have now officially begun! Submit your favourite listens and enter to win some great prizes along the way. Don’t forget to visit all 7 of the blogs listed below to make sure that all of your audiobook picks earn a spot in the next round! May 24th is the deadline for submissions.

The elimination round voting will be held from May 26th to 31st. The winner between the 3 semi-finalists for each sub-genre will then move on the final round that’ll run from June 2nd to 7th. And finally, the winner of the coveted title of BEST ROMANCE LISTEN OF 2013 will be revealed on June 11th.

All participants will get a chance to enter to win a 1 year membership to (US & CAN only) and a $25 gift card to Amazon, B&N or in Paypal cash (international).

Nominee Criteria: Must belong to any of the following genres, and have been released in audio between January 2013 and December 2013 regardless of when the printed copy was published. – Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, YA/NA, Contemporary Romance and Erotica.

Nominations Are Now CLOSED:

Hot Listens – Contemporary Romance
Parajunkee – Young Adult
Under The Covers – New Adult
The Book Nympho – Paranormal Romance
Rabid Reads – Urban Fantasy
The Geeky Blogger – Historical Romance
Readers Confession – Erotica

Potential Urban Fantasy Candidates:


Grab it!!

2013 Sultry Listeners Awards

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  1. Thank goodness we can submit more than 1 per category – this is my category and I can’t pick just 1 LOL!

    • OMG I know! There is NO WAY that I could nominate only one UF or PNR title.

  2. So many good ones!!I have to nominate more than one…LOL

    • That’s why I made sure to specify that peeps can submit more than one nomination. 😀

  3. Woot! nominated in two categories!

  4. Haven’t had many audiobooks, HotListens is slowly converting me though. Just go through Spider’s Bite and loved it, plan on listening to the rest of the series asap 🙂

    • Jennifer Estep’s EA series is one of my fav in audio. Enjoy!

  5. Awesome! But as I very rarely listen to fictional audio books, can’t nominate anybody.

    • Oh well, you can still enter some of the giveaways. 😉

  6. So many good books out last year!!

    • Tell me about it. You don’t have to sort through all of the nominations. LOL

  7. Woohoo! How fun! I love audiobooks and awesome giveaways! Thanks for the chance to vote and win. P.S. I shared on my FB and Google+ page because I big puffy heart ya’ll. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing! Make sure to come back on Monday to cast your vote!

  8. Ok, I had a hard time distinguishing between UF and PNR, and I think I submitted same book to both, will have to go back and change my PNR I think.

  9. I should really give audiobooks another try. I can see some amazing books on your list and I cannot wait to see the winner. Great post 🙂

    • Last year’s competition was pretty fierce, so I’m expecting more of the same.

  10. Love it!!

  11. Awesome giveaways! I’ll definitely be reading or listening to some of these titles, especially whoever wins 😉

  12. A fabulous giveaway! I don’t listen to many audio-books but the ones I have listened to have been great,

    • We’ll make an audiobook junkie out of you yet! 😉

  13. What about fantasy audiobooks? Where can I nominate those?

    • Is there romance in it? We’re just doing romance subgenres.

      • No romance, just epic awesomeness. 🙂

      • My co-hosts told me that I should accept it so… nominate away!

  14. Awesome, thanks for sharing this!

  15. Ooh! Sadly, I don’t listen to audiobooks because I tend to get really distracted. ._. But I will try to listen to some of the nominated (and winning) titles! 🙂

    • Then maybe next year you’ll be able to participate. 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to go vote! <3