Question: What Is Your Favorite Read of 2014 So Far?

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I’m going to have to second Julie’s thoughts on this week’s question; it’s only March and I already have more than one favorite book of 2014. How is that even possible? LOL To help narrow it down, I’m only going to consider novels that were actually released this year, and then further break them down by genre because yeah, I still can’t pick just one.

If I absolutely HAD to decide, my first choice would be Anne Bishop’s MURDER OF CROWS. Words can not express how infatuated I am with this series. AND, it falls on the Fantasy side of the paranormal genre which means… I still have two more categories to select favorites from. 😉

The second spot belongs to BITTER SPIRITS by Jenn Bennett. I’ve been in love with her ARCADIA BELL series for several years now, and was excited to discover that her new Paranormal Romance books are just as good. There’s another installment due out later this year though, so there’s a chance that it might not stay there for long, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

As for the Urban Fantasy side of things, I’m torn between Jeaniene Frost’s UP FROM THE GRAVE, and Patricia Briggs’ NIGHT BROKEN. They are both strong installments, but neither of them wowed me to the point that MURDER OF CROWS did which can somewhat be considered to be UF as well…

And, if you ask me this question again in another three months I’m sure my answer will be completely different. LOL Well, except for Bishop’s book, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being my top read of 2014. But again, it’s only March, so I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

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What Is Your Favorite Read of 2014 So Far?

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60 responses to “Question: What Is Your Favorite Read of 2014 So Far?

  1. UP FROM THE GRAVE is definitely one of my top picks for this year so far, but the number one slot would have to actually go to a series…Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin. I started listening to the audiobooks this year and have become obsessed!

    • Estep would have been on my list as well had she released an EA book earlier this year. But, I’m sure she’ll make the next cut once her upcoming title comes out. And yes, LOVE the audiobooks!

  2. I have three so far this year that are my favorites: Back to You by Jessica Scott and All for You by Jessica Scott, and Claimed by a Demon King by Felicity Heaton. I loved the story of Claimed by a Demon King and King Thorne. I also love the secondary character Bleu. *sigh* =)

  3. I really, really need to read the Anne Bishop series Carmel! It seems to top everyone’s list of awesome series, and I can’t wait to read it for myself:) I’m super excited to read the last Cat and Bones book as well, I’ve been madly in love with that series from the beginning.

    So far this year, I would say my favorite reads have been The Winner’s Curse and Lady Thief. Loved them so much!

  4. Oh my you ask a hard question. I’ll have to go with a book released this year since its only March and I still have not read some books yet that I know will be my Fav.
    So I’m going with …. Claimed by a Demon King by Felicity E. Heaton.

  5. Faye M.  

    Carmel, are you, like, soulmate sisters or something? Because my favorite of 2014 so far is ALSO and DEFINITELY Murder of Crows (you hear that, Jessica? YOUR TWO FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD LOVES MoC!! :P) There’s just something so brutal and endearing about that makes it so addicting! PLUS, this may be the only time I actually like a vampire. Ooooh, Vlad <3

    Faye @ The Social Potato

  6. I don’t know if I have a favorite book published this year yet cause I’ve been catching up on previously published books but I do have WRitten in Red in audio book and will listen to it soon! I’m very excited 😀

    But I didn’t answer your question lol….I think I will get back to you on this!

  7. Great choices, Carmel! Funnily enough I bought Written in Red, Night Broken AND Bitter Spirits at some point, but still haven’t read them because I’m so behind on my reviews :)) Tragic! Hopefully I’ll start reading them soon.

  8. Oh goodness not only is this an impossible question for me already this year (maybe even just this month which is only 13 days in!!) but all the books you picked are on my dying to read list. I have my copy of Night Broken that just arrived a couple days ago but I haven’t been able to read it yet. I bought Bitter Spirits back when it came out, but again, haven’t been able to read it! I’m slowly working my way through the Night Huntress series, but probably won’t get to the end until Nov/Dec. And I don’t even want to talk about how frustrated I am that I haven’t had time to start Anne Bishop’s series LOL! There’s just too many good books!

  9. I have not read any of the books, yet. I have seen some of them around and I think I will have to check out Bishops books after your raves. My favorites – I couldn’t tell you. Just too many books. ^_^

    • Glad to hear that my reviews have convinced you to give Anne Bishop a try. I’m not sold on her The Black Jewels series, but The Others is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I hope you enjoy them!

  10. My top three reads of 2014 so far: Written in Red by Anne Bishop, Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett, The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison. Murder of Crows follows as number four! 🙂

  11. Christy

    I have to go with Red Rising. I have a feeling it’s going to stay there all year, at least high on the list. I also loved Kiss the Sky, which is a totally different type of book.

  12. Love these choices! Oh I still have to read the first Bishop book and I have it as well as Bitter Spirits (can’t wait to get that one). I still have great books to read and so I’m refraining from choosing. 🙂

  13. The winners curse, we were liars, and I still need to read Murder of Crows but I know that I will love it. There have been some amazing books this year 🙂

  14. I haven’t read too many awesome books this year, sadly! Maybe I need to read some of what you recommended? 😉 My favorite so far would probably be Crown of Midnight.

  15. I really loved Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen. Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens was fantastic as well! I haven’t given any book 5 stars this year, though. D:

    • Sounds like you’re a tough sell! I’m usually a little more stingy when it comes to giving books 5 stars, but it seems like I’ve been handing out a lot of them this year… Either I’m getting soft, or the novels are getting better.

  16. This is a super hard question. I’ve already loved 5 books this year. I think the prize would have to go to Night Blade by JC Daniels because I had to immediately buy the next book in the series.

  17. My favorite read this year so far has been the entire Vampire Academy series! I ordered the complete series and eventhough I planned on reading other books in between I just couldn’t stop reading them. I read one after the other and finished the series in one week…