Review: Blue Moon by J.A. Belfield

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Review: Blue Moon by J.A. Belfield
Blue Moon by J.A. Belfield
Series: Holloway Pack #2
Published by J.Taylor Publishing
Published on: December 3, 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Werewolves
Pages: 372
Format: eBook
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Someone is watching the Holloway Pack, and this time, the female isn’t the target.

Life with a group of seven male werewolves worries Jem Stonehouse not one bit. She is engaged to the Alpha’s son Sean Holloway after all. So what has Jem’s territorial instincts on high alert?

The pack’s latest addition. Both of them.

None of the men think there’s a problem with the new girlfriends. Jem’s intuition tells her otherwise—that and a nagging suspicion the new females aren’t there to partake.

Jem believes they’ve joined in to take.

The question is … What?

As the eve of the blue moon draws ever closer, Jem’s running out of time to find the answer and outwit a thief of the worst possible kind.

A woman who believes she can’t lose.

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The follow-up book to J.A. Belfield’s Darkness & Light wasted no time in getting on my good side. The first chapter is short, but features Sean and Jem hunting as wolves, and whenever a novel starts off from a were’s POV I just know that it’s going to be good. Stonehouse and I didn’t exactly hit it off in the first installment; I found her a little too weak to be even considered a heroine. However, in Blue Moon she brings her A-game and proves me wrong; she’s now a fully adapted, kick ass werewolf with claws. The Sean sexy time that I loved so much in the first book is back in full force and there’s plenty of action to go around. Blue Moon has definitely earned my werewolf stamp of approval!

In the earlier portions of this story Jem gets struck with a mad case of territorial mojo and I worried that she may have fell off her rocker during our time apart. Two of the Holloway Pack members have new girlfriends and she morphs into the green-eyed monster also known as jealousy. Jem is already engaged to Sean so at first I didn’t get what her issue was. Did she really expect that she’d be all seven pack members’ one and only? I was in the process of buckling down for a bumpy read when her suspicions proved true which forced me to look at her in an entirely new light. Even though Jem started this book out on shaky ground she had more than proved herself by the end in this installment.

The closing sentence of my Darkness & Light review was: “I hope Sean forgoes wearing a shirt… and pants, in the next installment.” So imagine my delight when he and Jem get it on again, and again, and again… in fact, I lost count of how many times they do the nasty in the first one hundred pages! They aren’t all long, descriptive scenes of course but they were definitely enough to get my motor running! I think that Belfield wanted to make sure that readers got their Sean fix in before she unleashed the second part of this tale on them. And, I totally approve of her strategy!

We also get a lot of Ethan time in this novel which I enjoyed. The first book was mostly centered on Jem and Sean so it was nice to get to know some of the other Holloway Pack members. I enjoyed Nathan a great deal too; their werewolf alpha does have a softer side, it’s just very deeply buried. The relationship between Josh and Jem was a little on the weird side and becomes doubly so when witchcraft gets involved. I only hope that this creepy element won’t be an on-going thing in this series. Jess plays a larger role as well; I think her witch background will tie in nicely with the weres and who knows, maybe there’s a sexy pack mate in her future too!

Blue Moon took the Holloway Pack series to a whole new level with its well-crafted plot, bone crushing action and scorching sex scenes. Now it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare for Caged!

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