A Fun Melding of Tropes – Second Chances Between Paranormal Characters by Lauren Dane

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A Fun Melding of Tropes – Second Chances Between Paranormal Characters. Lauren Dane talks sex, shifters and reunions…

              I love to write Weres. Love that raw sensuality they emanate. Love to write that edgy, earthy sex. Love alpha characters. So in UNCONDITIONAL we’ve got a hero, a guy the heroine once knew as a human teenage boy, and a witch heroine.

              It’s a second chance book, so there’s this history between them. The sweet-hot memories of a high school romance and the bitterness of the way Josh disappeared from Michelle’s life. A foundation exists the moment they get onto the page together. It’s full of tension. He’s an alpha wolf now and he knows he left in a way that hurt her. He wants her. Wants to make her feel better. Wants to protect her.

              It’s hot and Michelle isn’t immune to all that testosterone. But she’s an alpha too. And she’s a cop so she’s not unused to dealing with big bossy men either. He hurt her and she’s wary.

              Right from the start there’s major chemistry:

[quote]              Josh had been a big guy in school. Broad shouldered. His honey blond hair had been very short then. But not now. It reached his shoulders and matched the neat goatee he wore. He was sun-kissed. Which only highlighted the pale green eyes. He was still big, but now he was a man.

              Ha. A man. He was a freaking werewolf. God.

              He smelled good. Wore some seriously well-fitting and expensive clothes. Clearly he was someone here given the size of his office and the view afforded out the windows. That and the respect she’d seen him given.

              Gone was the genial, laid-back football player she’d loved so hard when she was young. He was bossy now. Way bossier than he had been then. She was around bossy men all day, most cops tended to be alpha personalities. She dealt with it, knew how to handle them, how to push back when it was necessary. She was an alpha too after all.

              But Josh? He emanated that energy that only his kind of alpha male had. Charismatic. Powerful. He commanded attention simply with his presence.

              Josh the man made her tingly in ways she couldn’t have even begun to dream about when she was sixteen. Still, she wasn’t going to be managed or handled, even by a man as searingly sexy as the one next to her was.

              “I can scent it, you know.” His voice had gone low, stroking over her senses like a caress.

              “Huh?” She knew she blushed.

              “Arousal.” He leaned in very close, and she told herself—quite sternly—to get up and move out of his reach. And sat right where she was, fascinated by the way his nostrils flared a little and his eyes had gone an otherworldly shade of green. “I can scent the rush of blood to your skin in your blush. The way you just got all wet.” He paused, breathing deep again, and she nearly moaned. She should be horrified, but that was not what was happening at all.

              She swallowed the moan back. “I’m in charge of my parts. Tell me about what’s going on.” Her voice was breathy, so not authoritative.

              He smiled. A slight tip upward at the corner of his mouth where his dimple showed. She wanted to lick it. The moment stretched between them in a way she couldn’t find the energy to disentangle herself from.


              She sat back, getting some distance, and his hand shot out, far quicker than she’d anticipated, latching on to her knee. She gulped, her heart thundering as she licked her lips.[/quote]

              There’s an overlay between them. The kids they once were and the adults they are now. The things that shaped them for good and for bad. And the inexorable draw they feel toward one another.

              Writing this kind of connection between human characters has different sorts of challenges. There are behaviors an alpha male does as a werewolf that would simply just not work from a human male. There’s an edge you can walk as a writer with paranormal characters and sexuality that is darker and sharper. The depth of carnality with weres is why I love to write them.

              The connection characters build through sex is why I write it. So when I get to combine my favorite themes in a book? It’s as fun for me as I hope it is for you all….

[quote]              “Don’t undress yet.” He turned on the taps after plugging the drain.

              She smiled at him. “Should I go in fully dressed?”

              He laughed, straightening. “No, I want to undress you myself.”

              He pulled her shirt and the tank under it over her head. He kissed her shoulder as he slid the bra strap down. That’s when he saw the bloom of color on her side and paused. “What is that?”

              The way she started and then was very still for long moments made him realize he’d probably growled it instead of asking. The price of dallying with a wolf, he supposed. He caressed her hip, and she relaxed a little as she turned to look down.

              “Those of us who aren’t shifters have to deal with bruises on the job from time to time.” Her lips curved, amusement on her features. “I hit that asshole pretty hard yesterday when I took him down.”

              If Charlie hadn’t been in jail, Josh would have hunted him down and killed him for leaving a mark on his woman.
“I get bruises too. But they heal fast.”

              He dropped to his knees before her, pressing a kiss softly over the bruised skin at her side, then on her belly, moving lower as he undid her pants, sliding them down her hips and legs, taking her socks with her.

              Her toenails were painted bright pink. Her legs were toned and strong. Not long, she was pretty petite, but she was in shape. Powerful. He liked that.

              He pressed his face to the front of the panties she wore. Pink, like the nails. Damn. Her fingers slid into his hair, pulling just a little. He took a breath scented with her. With her desire. It clawed at him, holding him tighter than her fingers ever could.

              Deftly, he yanked the panties down, and she put a hand on his shoulder to step free. He looked up the line of her body to find her staring down at him, her lips parted, her pupils huge.

              If he’d had any questions about how much she wanted him, the way she smelled, the way she looked, the heat coming off her skin all combined like a fist, guiding him to his feet to remove her bra and leave her there totally naked.

              “Christ, you’re beautiful.”

              She blushed, and he moaned, leaning down to breathe her in again.

              “You like to sniff me.” Amusement was clear in her voice. “Also, it’s not like you haven’t seen it all before. And when it was in better shape.”

              He scoffed at that.

              “When you blush it heats your skin, and you smell really, really good. As far as better? No. Younger? Yes. But your tits are far nicer now. Your ass is higher, tighter. Your legs are more toned. There’s also the added bonus that we can fuck all night long in my apartment if we want and no one is going to come home to discover us.”

              She laughed, pulling his shirt up and off, caressing all of him she could reach.

              “You’re one to talk about beautiful.” She pressed a kiss on his chest, over his heart, her hands skimming across his back, helping to shove his pants down before she took handfuls of his ass and hauled him close.

              So good. Skin to skin.

              He felt the curve of her lips against his chest as she brushed against his cock from side to side.

              Thank God she seemed to be as on board with sex as he was.[/quote]

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Today Lauren is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over forty novels and novellas across several genres. Though she no longer has to deal with Polly Pocket and getting those tiny outfits on and off, she still has trouble blocking out the sound of iCarly so she can write a love scene.

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