Josh Reviews: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

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Josh Reviews: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles
Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles
Series: Succubus Diaries #1
Published by Pocket
Published on: December 29, 2009
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 329
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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Who Knew An Angel Could Get A Girl In So Much Devilish Trouble?

Jackie Brighton woke up in a Dumpster this morning, and her day has only gotten weirder. Her familiar B-cups have somehow become double Ds, her sex drive is insatiable, and apparently she had her first one-night stand ever...with a fallen angel. All she remembers is gorgeous Noah's oddly hypnotic blue eyes...and then a dark stranger whose bite transformed her into an immortal siren with a sexy itch. With help from Noah, Jackie begins to adapt to her new lifestyle; until she accidentally sends Noah into the deadly clutches of the vampire queen and lands herself in a fierce battle for an ancient halo with the queen's wickedly hot righthand man. Who just happens to be the vampire who originally bit her. How's a girl supposed to save the world when the enemy's so hard to resist?

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi emits a continual post-coital glow.  From its opening scene in a Dumpster to its Hollywoodesque climax with a detour somewhere in between into the porn production scene, the ribaldry is in full effect.   The world design, although basic succubi; fallen angel; and fanged (vampire) fare, stays interesting because of the light presentation.

The true angels are referred to as “dealers” because they want to strike a deal with the freshly turned succubus, in this case, Jackie Brighton, but one could easily imagine the same having happened to her somewhat accomplice, Remy Summore.   Who knew succubi were such hot stuff, right?

Jackie, freshly turned, makes all the wrong decisions that one could hope for in a book of this type: not following her fallen angel master’s orders, not connecting the obvious dots, not coming to grips with her situation, and not coping generally.

A quick aside: Jackie primarily answers to Noah, the hot stuff, fallen angel on the cover [note the sweat bead from belly button], or, at least, I suppose that is him.   It really couldn’t be anyone else.

Succubi are created when a vampire drains too much from their victim and then a fallen angel comes along and pleases the victim.   Don’t think too much about these dynamics.   The plot quickly glosses over them so as to maintain a refreshing naivety within both the protagonist and her accomplices.

Or rather delight in the ridiculous nature of these dynamics.  I believe very strongly the book wants us too and that is very much the fun of reading it.   Honestly the more slow scenes are the sex ones, which in a book of this nature are in high supply.   The sex scenes should have been more ridiculous to cope with the already energetic and whimsical plot.  This, if anything, would be my criticism.   How one can marshal more ridiculousness into a sex scene where the protagonist is marveling at the size of the male equipment, however, is a question I cannot answer.

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Recommended: Bronze romp level
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7 responses to “Josh Reviews: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

  1. I’m used to seeing more negative reviews about this than good ones, so I’m glad to see you gave it 5 stars. After the second book I was hooked on this series and it’s one of my all-time PNR favorites. Can’t wait to see your review for the next one =)

    • The fact that others would react to it negatively is interesting to me. My gut reaction – and being that it may hold little if any water – is the quirk of its happs was a little too much for them but *shrugs* it’s cool. People like what they like. I’m looking forward to reading the next.

  2. xaurianx  

    Totally over the top storyline and too much sex scenes. Still, it sounds like it is fun, and someday I will read it.