ARC Review: Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson

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ARC Review: Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Series: Jessica McClain #2
Published by Orbit
Published on: April 23, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley
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It hasn't been the best week for Jessica McClain.

Her mate has been kidnapped by a Goddess hell-bent on revenge --- but Jessica is playing for keeps.

Because she's the only female werewolf in comes with its own set of rules...and powers.

Aided by two vamps, two loyal Pack members, and one very reluctant human, Jessica must rescue her man while coming to terms with what being a wolf really means.

All in a day's work for a girl.

The second novel in the Jessica McClain series is a full on action adventure featuring one angry Goddess and plenty of monsters, demons, and a few newly risen beasties...

Jessica McClain is back for round 2 and her Goddess nemesis better watch out because she’s now a semi-experienced, full blown werewolf with claws and she’s not afraid to use ‘em! I loved Hot Blooded! This book is the paranormal equivalent of Mission Impossible; Jessica faces-off against everything from über scary mega spider-scorpion monsters to goats in order to save her mate. Yes, you read that right; evil goats. Amanda Carlson has another page-turner on her hands with heaps of thrills, chills and wolfy intrigue.

There’s no rest for the only female werewolf and after a brief strategy session with her alpha, Jessica’s off again in a full out race against time to save her true love. First off, I just want to say how much I loved the role reversal in this book! Carlson axes the stereotypical “damsel in distress” storyline in favour of having the heroine rescue her man. Talk about girl power to the max! Having read Full Blooded months ago I was a little put off by the lack of a recap and found the opening set-up chapters a tad tedious but once the action took over (and it does, big time) I only had eyes for the prize.

Amanda continues to add layer upon layer of intrigue to her already rich lore. I seriously had to take notes while reading this book to keep track of all the connections being made. Jessica’s the equivalent of a werewolf wildcard because of her unique DNA which basically gives Carlson free reign to pull rabbit after rabbit out of her hat. As a result, there are tons of mind blowing game changers in this novel and I can’t wait to see how they all play out in future installments!

I really enjoyed how the story focuses on the small group of rescuers because it gives readers the chance to really get to know each of these characters as individuals and we also get to watch them grow as a team too. Nothing brings people together quite like life or death situations and there’s plenty of those in Hot Blooded. I have nothing but love for Jessica, Tyler and Danny but oddly enough, it was Ray and Naomi who held my attention the most. I liked the cop’s surly attitude and his resistance to all things paranormal; he’s unknowingly hilarious and I couldn’t help myself from getting a few laughs in at his expense.

Hot Blooded is only the tip of the iceberg in what is quickly becoming one of the best werewolf Urban Fantasy series around and with another book on the way in October; I predict that Amanda Carlson and Jessica McClain are going to dominate 2013!

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Recommendation: Die hard werewolf fans will LOVE this one!
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5 responses to “ARC Review: Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson

  1. I was reading two other books when Hot Blooded was released. I stopped reading the others and dove into Hot Blooded head first, reading into the wee hours! I couldn’t read fast enough. The action, mystery, flow of the inter-species relationships, and every thing else about this book makes it a really good read. Another hit Amanda! Now I can’t wait for Cold Blooded. I’ve already pre-purchased it.

  2. I too really enjoyed this book; it is nice surprise when I dove into this one, I have came across too many too short stories, but Hot Blooded was not only a full length book by my standards, it was also a great read.