Question: To Challenge Or Not To Challenge?

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I signed-up for a ton of challenges during my first year of blogging and didn’t successfully complete a single one of them other than my GoodReads goal. For the most part I just got sick of tracking them; it’s time consuming and doesn’t enrich my reading experience at all. I ended up reading a bunch of books that I didn’t like in a sad attempt at completing my overambitious challenges.

For my second year I went the complete opposite route and didn’t sign-up for a single challenge (except GoodReads). Yes, apparently I don’t know how to do anything halfway. However, towards the end of 2012 I registered for a few read-a-longs of series’ that have been on my TBR pile forever. They have gone much better because they were books that I knew I’d enjoy.

After two years of trial and error I think I’ve finally figured out what works for me: a limited amount of challenges that involve books that I actually want to read. The answer seems obvious enough but when you’re new to blogging and gung-ho to try everything you end up tossing logic out of the window.

Do you challenge?

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22 responses to “Question: To Challenge Or Not To Challenge?

  1. I agree with you. This is my first ‘full’ year as a blogger, so signing up for 2012 challenges wasn’t really a thing for me back then, but I completed my goodreads goal. Then around December all those challenges just started popping up and people were signing up like crazy and I was like o__O
    I’ve signed up for 3 apart from the goodreads one – like you, I don’t want to keep track of too many and they’d just nag at the back of my mind. I posted about this here if you’d like to read 🙂

  2. i think i’ve entered 5 already ( goodreads bnon included) but i chooseone for which i had books already or in the genre i’m really intered because last year i had my reads scheduled for challenge so yes i discovered some i wouldn’t have dared, yes i found great read but it was stressful and i had to postpone books i really wanted to read so now i will avoid that ( and the challenge i picked authorize that one books counts in several challenge ^^ that helps too)

  3. I love challenges because they help me push myself to complete them, but I’m like you in that I find it hard to keep track. I signed up for a TON last year, none of which I finished except the ones from my GR group. Every month the owner makes a list of ten “types” of books to read.

    Examples: red a book with a red cover, read a book with a chick on the cover, if it’s a month with a holiday maybe read a book involving ghosts witches etc.

    Those I find pretty fun and I always end up reading something I normally wouldn’t have. I read contemporary for the first time because of those challenges and LOVED it so I’ll probably continue with the ones in that group. But other than that, I don’t challenge anymore. Great post! 😀

  4. I love challenges and I’m signed up for a ton! I like them because some can help me find new authors that I may not have tried otherwise, and others motivate me to read those books that have been sitting on my shelves for too long. Also, they help me narrow down what to read next. I just like being organized, and keeping track of challenge books and figure out which ones to read next are fun for me.

  5. Goodreads challenge is my only tracking method for keeping up with book count read over the year, just like you found it a pain to keep track of separate genres/series/authors etc for challenges so never sign up now.

    I do love to see what others post as challenges though because find good books and authors new to me on a few of them.

  6. @Angie F I agree that challenges do help you discover new authors by forcing you to step outside your comfort zone. However, I’d rather do that on my own than force myself to read 12 YA titles or something similar.

  7. I’ve signed up for a ton of challenges myself this year. 20 I think. However, most of them incorporate something I would read anyways. Mysteries, cozies, ya, paranormal, etc. I did sign up for a couple series challenges but they’re ones I’ve been wanting to start anyways. I’m just going to read and add as I go. I think it will all work out in the end.

  8. With the exception of Goodreads.. I don’t do challenges. Generally speaking, if I have to gear myself up to read a book or books as the case may be, like that.. then I find myself resenting the fact that I have more on my plate and not having enough time to get through the goals that I set. (Not setting yourself a particularly high goal and failing to meet THAT doesn’t feel too good either)

    I have a ton of envy and respect for people that can do that, but I am not one of them 🙂

  9. I sort.of “rig” the challenges I signed up. Like you I join one where I get to read books I want to read or a challenge where I have the require kind of books sitting on my shelf to enable me to complete it

  10. I am just sticking with my goodreads challenge. I know I signed up for a few last year but I ended up forgetting them. They are just a hassle to do, it adds more work and I barely have enough time as it is.