Review: Pride’s Pursuit by Cat Kalen

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Pride's Pursuit by Cat Kalen

Title: Pride’s Pursuit
Series: A Wolf’s Pride #3
Author: Cat Kalen
Publisher: Cat Kalen
Format: eBook, 220 pages
Published: August 24, 2012
ISBN #: 9780987855954 / 0987855956
Genre: Young Adult
My Copy: provided by author
Rating:Paw RatingPaw RatingPaw RatingPaw Rating

After defeating her master and releasing the enslaved wolves, Pride, Logan, Stone and the rest of the pack return to the Canadian mountains only to discover a village in chaos. Feeling responsible for the carnage, Pride is determined to show the world exactly who the monsters really are.

When her pack refuses to let her fight alone, Pride and her team set out to change mankind. But when her leadership is tested and a traitor emerges, not only must Pride pick between the two boys who love her most, her choice could either help put an end to war on the wolves or it could endanger the very existence of her kind.

I’m sad that this trilogy has come to an end but ecstatic with the way that it ended! The first half of this book progresses at a breakneck pace which left me concerned about how Cat Kalen was going to wrap-up this series without rushing it but I’m happy to report that the ending was picture perfect. I loved how everything came together and was awestruck by the unexpected twists. I’m overjoyed that Pride got her perfect happily ever after because if anyone deserves one it’s her. Pride’s Pursuit is emotionally charged, incredibly satisfying and one of the best Young Adult werewolf books of 2012.

This third and final installment wastes no time and picks up right where Pride Unleashed left off. If you’re contemplating starting this series, then I strongly suggest you start with the first book because Kalen loses very little time with recaps. I normally prefer it when an author does a brief rundown of pertinent past happenings but in this case the characters and story are just so memorable that it’s not necessary. I had no trouble diving right back into Pride’s world even though it’s been over six months since my last visit. Cat’s first person POV writing style is gripping and wild which gives readers a real sense of viewing the world through a werewolf’s eyes. I love the animal feel of Kalen’s novels; it’s what hooked me in the beginning and it’s what keeps me coming back for more. Well, that and her wolves (of course).

I have a somewhat love / hate relationship with love triangles, especially in YA. I’ll either spend the entire book rolling my eyes at all of the corniness or devour the drama. In this case it was the latter; I’ve been so torn over Pride’s Stone vs. Logan dilemma that I just couldn’t see an ending that would appease everyone. Cat surprised me with her cleverness and I was genuinely pleased with the result. I didn’t feel cheated and all of the characters receive what was ultimately best for them in the long run which is not an easy feat to accomplish in any love triangle. However, I would have been happy had it gone either way; it really was a close race. Admittedly, the final decision is left up in the air until the last chapters which made for one heck of a suspenseful conclusion to this series.

The ending was by far my favourite part of this book and quite possibly my favourite part of this entire trilogy. The twists are skillfully written, the revelations are shocking and the culmination is exquisite. I loved how Kalen weaved in the surprises about Pride’s father’s master plan, the Paranormal Task Force’s role and how she solved the true mate quandary. Pride’s Pursuit is a brilliant ending to this wonderful trilogy and I can’t wait to check out the spin-off series next year!

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Recommendation: Alpha battles, love triangles and deceit abound; perfect for readers who prefer the “wilder” side of werewolves’ personalities.
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3 responses to “Review: Pride’s Pursuit by Cat Kalen

  1. Great review! I loved the first book in this series and I even have the second one but I have not read it yet. Shame on me. I really need to.

    I especially need to read this since you loved the ending so much.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs