Audio Review: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

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Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Title: Grave Memory
Series: Alex Craft #3
Author: Kalayna Price
Narrator: Emily Durante
Publisher: Tantor Media
Format: Audio, 12 hrs & 37 mins
Published: July 3, 2012
ASIN #: B008GZW4E6
Genre: Urban Fantasy
My Copy: purchased
Rating:Paw RatingPaw RatingPaw RatingPaw RatingPaw Rating
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In the latest book in Kalayna Price’s gripping urban fantasy series, Alex Craft searches for answers when a string of suicides occurs in Nekros City.

As a Grave Witch, Alex solves murders by raising the dead. While she’s always been on friendly terms with Death himself, lately things have become a lot more personal. But the personal takes a backseat to the professional when a string of suicides occurs in Nekros City. The shades have no memory of the days leading up to their brutal endings, so despite the very apparent suicides, this is murder. And searching for the answers might mean Alex won’t have a life to remember at all…

Alex Craft has landed another oh-my-god-this-can’t-be-true case and is once again investigating the impossible. This time it’s a string of suicides that are actually murders. Yeah, good luck proving that one! It’s this strong detective-type backbone that keeps me coming back for more with each new installment. True, there’s also a love triangle, alternate plains of existence and magic but it’s the investigations that make these books good; the rest is just icing on the cake. In Grave Memory, Alex grows up, Death finally makes his choice and ghouls run amok. Alex Craft is back and better than ever before!

Our lil’ grave witch is finally growing up! In this installment she opens up a Tongues For The Dead office, enlists the help of a couple of partners and makes responsible decisions. I enjoyed watching Alex leave her mark on Nekros City and face adversity head-on. I was surprised by her new attitude more than once; instead of wallowing in self-pity she buckles down and takes care of business. Alex doesn’t run. She sticks by her friends, attempts to sort out her complicated love life and even manages to solve a case or two. Craft is dealing with a few internal problems as well namely her diminishing eyesight and a few new, not entirely human characteristics that have begun to manifest. Like she really needs any more challenges to add to her already gigantic pile!

The first 3/4th of this book progresses like the other two in this series; Alex follows various leads trying to solve a case. Interesting but nothing to phone home about. The last quarter is where the real meat is. We learn a few more tidbits about the Soul Collectors and score some serious Death face time which I’ve been craving since Grave Witch. I really enjoyed the pacing of this story. Whenever there’s a lull in the action there’s still plenty of witty dialogue and enough side plots to keep you entertained. I actually laughed out line a few times at some of Alex’s one-liners. She finds herself in some pretty impossible situations yet still manages to laugh about them. Pay close attention to a scene involving a Ziploc bag. Just saying.

Emily Durante, the narrator, does a fantastic job of donning Alex’s shoes. At first, her raspy almost pack-a-day smoker’s voice annoyed me but after a few hours I no longer struggled to associate her with this series’ heroine. She handles Craft’s snark with ease and I even enjoyed her side character voices. Next time I won’t think twice before buying an audiobook narrated by Miss Durante.

I should have known that Falin was down but not out. He pops up here and there throughout the story and then adds his two cents at the end to create another brutal cliffhanger. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone could he? Generally love triangles piss me off more often than not but in this case I’m finding Price’s to be wildly intriguing. The fun doesn’t stop with Grave Memory; Kalayna has signed on for at least another three installments and I for one can’t wait.

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Recommendation: Perfect for anyone looking to read an Urban Fantasy series that’s a step away from the norm.
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9 responses to “Audio Review: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

  1. Great! Good to know, I have this book on my wish list, but I really have not heard much about it, but after this fabulous review I’m definitely moving it up the list.

  2. Another series I am going to have to check out. Especially when I see your 5 star rating it really tells me to check it out.

  3. Oh I didn’t know there was another cover for this book. I love this book so I’m glad it’s the same for you. I haven’t tried any audiobooks yet, but one day I’ll have to try it! great review!

  4. I haven’t heard of this series. I am obsessed with UF right now and I will definitely check it out (especially if you compare it to Stacia Kane!).

  5. I think when this book came out, I started seeing this series for the 1st time and I wanted to get more info on it. Thanks for the review, another series for me to check out!