Review: Pride Unleashed by Cat Kalen

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Pride Unleashed by Cat Kalen

Title: Pride Unleashed
Series: A Wolf’s Pride novel #2
Author: Cat Kalen
Publisher: Cat Kalen
Format: eBook, 242 pages.
Published: February 11, 2012.
ISBN #: 9780987855909 / 0987855905
Genre: Young Adult
My Copy: received for review
Rating:Paw RatingPaw RatingPaw RatingPaw Rating

Seeking revenge, Pride is headed back to the compound where she was once nearly broken to the will of an evil master. She’ll stop at nothing to free the enslaved wolves still caged in the estate’s underground prison. Knowing there is only one way back inside the fortified mansion, Pride allows herself to be captured.

Armed with a plan, she finds herself back in her cage but when things begin to unravel, she once again finds herself at the mercy of her former master. This time, however, she knows she has two wolves on her side, Logan and Stone—powerful alphas who will both fight to the death to free her.

Except the compound hides secrets that threaten both her heart and her identity and when bonds are tested and bloodlines are revealed, Pride realizes if she completes her mission she’ll be releasing her pack into a world where no one, least of all Pride, is safe.

The second installment in the A Wolf’s Pride series continues to build upon the raw animal instincts and amazing characters from the first book while adding new elements that really take this story to the next level. The love triangle between Pride, Stone and Logan grows more complex and has many similarities with the one found in the Nightshade trilogy. In Pride Unleashed, shocking truths are unveiled, sacrifices are made, and battle lines are drawn. I enjoyed this book slightly less than Pride’s Run because all of the action unfolds in the compound instead of in the outside world which somewhat limited the wolfish goodness but still a solid installment.

I admire Pride’s spunk and determination; after having escaped a life in captivity she still finds the courage to go back and confront her master in the hopes of freeing her pack mates. When others would have run for the hills and never looked back, this werewolf goes head to head with her biggest fears. Even though her original plan backfires she doesn’t lose heart but instead concocts a new and improved one. This seventeen year old girl puts most adults to shame with her strength and refusal to give up. Young adult authors should take notes; this is how teenage heroines should be portrayed instead of the typical ditzy story lines. Kalen’s descriptive writing style really brings her characters to life. I can’t imagine that it’s easy writing an entire book that’s based out of a single location while still keeping the plot interesting but Cat not only pulls it off but kills it!

The battle of wills between the two alpha males is intense and all consuming; both have good qualities but I still haven’t picked a favorite. In Pride’s Run, Logan was the clear winner. He taught Pride how to use her small size to her advantage and that her human half is just as much a part of her as her wolf. I wish that Kalen would have explored Stone’s past a little bit more in this installment. I know there’s “something” about him and it’s obvious that he cares deeply for the shewolf but without more to go on it’s hard to pick a team. I found many similarities between these two alphas and Ren/Shay from the Nightshade trilogy. I absolutely loved this series so it’s no surprise that I’m quickly falling for A Wolf’s Pride too. I’m leaning toward Stone at the moment but that could very well change with the next installment.

Pride Unleashed is exquisitely written, the action is fierce and I’m crazy about Cat Kalen’s werewolves! Good things come in threes and this trilogy is scheduled to wrap-up in the winter of 2012 with Pride’s Pursuit.

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Recommendation: Alpha battles, love triangles and deceit abound; perfect for readers who prefer the “wilder” side of werewolves’ personalities.
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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the great review, Carmel!! Totally made my day!!! I’m working on Pride’s Pursuit now and once I’m done I’ll be sending it you way!