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Hey all! I have nothing to hide so it’s time to reveal my first ever Follower Survey results! But before I get down to business, a big thank you to all of you who took the time to answer and for the overwhelming amount of love that you sent my way. I was a little shocked by all of the positive comments I received! Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head but seriously, WOW! 🙂

You’d like to see more:

1 – Giveaways
2 – Reviews
3 – Cover Reveals

No big surprise here! Everyone wants more free books, myself included! Help me sell more ad space and I’ll see what I can do. 😉 As for more reviews, I’ve thought about enlisting the help of another blogger but I’m kinda a control freak so… we’ll see! I was a little surprised that the cover reveals came in 3rd but that’s totally do-able!

You’d like to see see less:

1 – Memes
2 – Guest Posts
3 – Challenges

Yeah, I hear ya. I’d like to have less of these too but it’s tough finding interesting weekly content while under time constraints. I’ve replaced my weekly WOW post with a Question.

To be added to my Reviews:

1 – Similar Books
2 – Recommendations
3 – More Book Info

All of these suggestions are great and easy to implement, I’m on it! Thanks!

More Follower Interaction Via:

1 – Comments
2 – Facebook
3 – Twitter

This one’s always a struggle! There’s only so much time in a day and unfortunately I spend 10+ hours of it working and commuting. I’ve re-formatted my comments so that I can reply to each one individually now. I think this will help a lot.

Template Design Tweaks:

1 – Sidebar Clutter
2 – Less Images
3 – Color Scheme

Sidebar clutter is no surprise. I really appreciate when people add me to their blogroll or grab my button and feel obligated to do it in return. It’s a tough call really. Supporting my fellow bloggers VS clutter. I’ve cleaned things up a bit and am working on the rest so stay tuned!

You Prefer to Enter Giveaways via:

1 – Rafflecopter
2 – Single Entry
3 – Blog Post Comment

This is fab news! Rafflecopter makes managing giveaways super easy so I’m glad to hear that you like their format as much as I do.

The Best Giveaway Prizes are:

1 – Gift Certificates
2 – Physical Copies
3 – Book of Choice

You like giveaways. I get it. LOL No matter in what shape or form they’re in. 😛

What you like the most:

Canadian Content
My Reviews

This question was an essay one and I was surprised by how many “You”‘s I received. *blushes* Then again, I guess it makes sense but thanks for pointing out the obvious. I was completely oblivious. LOL Apparently even my neighbours to the South and across the ocean like Canadian content. Yay!

What you like the least:

Sidebar Clutter
Red Sidebar Links

Again, I was surprised by the overwhelming number of my followers who wouldn’t change a thing. I guess I’m doing a good job, who knew!? 😉 I’m working on the other two items…

So there you have it! My followers have spoken! Thanks again for all of your great feedback and I’ll try my hardest to implement as much of it as possible in the coming months.

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10 responses to “Follower Survey Results

  1. Great feedback! I never thought to do a survey… I’m sure lots of people would think my sidebars are cluttered too. LOL But I like them they way they are. 😉

    I love your blog!

  2. Isn’t side bar clutter a hard thing? I do not at all think yours is, but it one of those things I always worry about and am always trying to fix up. I want to make sure I am showing everyone some love though too. Anyways it was a great survey! I love your blog and really don’t think you need to change a thing.