Review & Interview: The Call From Within by Eri Nelson

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The Call from Within by Eri Nelson

Meet the Author

Hi, my name is Eri Nelson or as I rather like to call myself an Ohioan Hermit (lol). Life is pretty simple for me. I like being home where my family is. This family also includes are far too many pets. Although I try to put limits on our personal zoo we are hard to pass off a stray. I have always enjoyed writing but never feeling that the patience was within me to write a book. So on a whim I wrote my first book of forty thousand words in the fall of 2010. Quickly following that up with a sequel in hopes to make a series of it. However these were not the series I chose to put out for readers….. That is, not just yet.

Loving challenges as I do, the call out for a paranormal romance caught my eye. So in my haste I threw out a fifteen thousand word book in hope that it could find its way into becoming an eBook. But alas this was turned down. However, like myself I did not write a series that was solely a romance. More what I think of as primal fantasies. Course I did not let the denial of what was not classed as their type of romance stop me. With the story still raging in my head my fingers typed off another round, making my one into two books. This one verging on a little over twenty-four thousand words. Well as it usually does in my case, the story line would not leave my head so now I am working on book three in the Dearhart Clan Series.

Now I must say that it was not just my love of writing that pushed me into looking for alternate publishing paths. No that honor goes to my husband, Jeff Nelson. He truly has been my most honest critic. It was not easy at first for me to concede to his thoughts. In fact it was every curse word I could think of stating how wrong his views were (lol). Nevertheless we came to a few resolutions and became a team in the editing process (so any errors in my books we blame him, ok….lol…just joking …wink wink).

You will never hear me claim to be this glorious fantastic writer. For I am just pleased when another simply enjoys the read. It truly amazes me when someone likes my writing style. I hope with all my heart, you dear reader will be one of those who do.

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Why did you opt for writing a novella instead of a full length book?

Actually, I would not even class The Call From Within a novella. Typically novellas are around 40,000 words which is the close count of my upcoming series I am hoping to release in December.

The Dearhart Clan Series are collection of short fast paced reads that will purely exist in e-books alone and stay at $.99. My first yes was published as an e-book and a paperback. But to be honest I went ahead with paperback basically because it was my first book ever to publish. So the thrill alone was worth the extra expense.

Will the next installment be longer?

Each book in this series does get longer. The second comes in over 24,000 words and the third will linger over 30,000 words.

Describe your book in 5 words or less:

Dark, Primal, Action Packed, Erotic.

The 76 pages of The Call From Within pack one hell of a punch. What’s your secret to maintaining such a fast paced story line without skipping over important details (world building, character development, etc)?

Wow and thank you! I will take that as the highest of compliments. It was my hope to hit the pages at a high intensity and I am very glad your seeing it as “one hell of a punch”. Sorry… will take me a minute to get over the thrill you just gave me with that statement.

Outside of character outlines and post-it lined notebooks of ideas, it’s just me with a keyboard. I wish I could give you a theory or common placed practice to my work. But to be honest I just sit at the screen and let my ideas flow. At times that means deleting thousands of words then starting from scratch.

Why did you choose to center your story around werewolves? What appeals to you about them?

I like dark premises where fairy tales are not always the case. So for me there is nothing more pulled between two evils than a man struggling through wolf. The appeal is in the struggle alone.

What’s next for the Dearhart Clan series? When can we expect the next installment?

There will be double the trouble in volume two. This book supersedes the first. If you thought the first lacked in any way it’s in the upcoming pages of Double Call From Desire that it will undoubtedly make up for it.

We will once again be rejoined by Owen, Kristen and yes tortured soul Wash. However on this time around they will take second seat to the action at hand. Double Call From Desire starts off with Thomas Dearhart and Julia Drist. They will enflame your desires and carry you on an adventure that will most definitely have you questioning if there is more to their savage wants than meets the eye. As is with this series Double Call From Desire is not for the weak hearted. If I could guarantee anything to you it would be that leaving the folds of next will not be without tears in hand, I guarantee it.

To sink his teeth in that ivory clad hide and nibble on her most womanly parts. Her moistened heat to be lavished under the weight of his tongue. She smelled and looked better for breakfast than any food the diner had to offer. He knew nothing about her outside the fact that she was his and he had to have her.

Where do you get your “inspiration” for the hotter parts of your writing?

With this question I have visions of my husband jumping up and down behind me saying “Me..Me…Me” (lol).

I get them where every hot blooded woman does. In our dreams and most definitely from our fantasies.

The Call From Within has a very cool cover; who’s responsible for it?

That I owe to Richard Roberts. He is a fabulous artist and if you ever get a chance you must look up his work.

I love the wolfish concept of “chosen mates”. Do you believe that “soul mates” exist in real life?

Oh yes! I believe I have found mine and the last nineteen years speaks to just that.

What got you started down the writing path?

Loving to write has always been instilled in my wiring. Nevertheless, it was only this past year that I actually tried to go ahead with working on a book. Within that time I have written close to five, two not quite complete. Even with that touch of accomplishment, I thought myself never good enough to publish them.

It’s here that Jeff, my husband, pushed me to journey the trail of the unknown. Most of the time I am scared beyond compare. Always feeling that I would not reach an audience in which will enjoy my work. However, Jeff encourages me as well as critiquing me. Without him there would be no chosen path I would have dared enough courage to travel.

What lessons did you learn after writing this book that you’ll not repeat the next time around?

Lessons are encountered daily for me. Some are easier to learn than others. If I were to take anything away with me of this experience it would be…. “Every time your work is read take it is a compliment, even the negative. For out of thousands of books yours was the one that reached the hands of the reader.” Trust me when I say that I am awed by that fact daily!! Through each and every Book Lover I am renewed by my faith and body of work I love so much.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Currently I am in edit mode of two books. Vol.2 of the Dearhart Clan Series Double Call From Desire and Vol.1 of Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black Series Destiny Repeats Twice which I am hoping to release this December.

Also book #3 of the Dearhart Clan is half way to completion Heated Calls From Change and following closely in outline form is Time To Call Wolf. Hopefully once the releases in December I can also return to Book #2 of the Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black Series The Scent Of Power.

Thanks for stopping by Eri. I loved your answers to my interview questions!

Thank you so much for giving me this time with you and your readers. I am overjoyed by the experience!!

The Book

Title: The Call From Within
Series: Dearhart Clan #1
Author: Eri Nelson
Publisher: EAN LLC
Published: July 2nd, 2011
My Copy: Bewitching Book Tours

The Call From Within is Eri Nelson’s first look into this series. It is here that we meet Owen our Pack’s clan leader. He has been driven by what is expected of an alpha. Facts that were told through the decades all but look like fiction to him now. So he never dared to believe in fate and only let duty push him forth. Although now his resolves make no sense and it took little to no time at all in showing him through the lust he feels for another.

Kristen Still bares the imprinted mark to our handsome alpha. However he wasn’t the first to notice what she was and it’s that bedding of prior passions that control her new weakness. Yes, Owen is pushed by jealousy to possess what his four footed insight tells him is his.

A former distraction wanted more than heated moments with Kristen. In her he saw a stronger life force for his young and if Brinston Drake must he would take what he needs from her. He just didn’t foresee another finding her as well.

While the rest of Eri Nelson’s cast of characters find their selves caught up in furthering personal existences. Another by the name of Wash seeks to use their distractions as his gain. A rogue sent to track and update, Wash is tested by his hatred and desire for revenge. He’ll have it but not as quickly as he would like. But soon enough Owen will slip farther into his madness over a bitch in heat. Then Wash perhaps can use the heated vixen to distract both her and the alpha into their future demise.

My Review

The Call From Within may be short but it manages to get the adrenaline flowing and the carnal urges pumping within the first few pages and maintains the high until the end. I found that Eri Nelson tried to weave a few too many characters and side plotlines into a novella. The foundation is there but I just thought that it was a little much for something so brief. This tale definitely has the potential to have been or become a full length story. However, for its purposes, it’s my opinion that Nelson should have simplified things by sticking with the “imprinted mate” aspect and left the bad guys for the full-sized version. That being said, if you’re looking for a shot of euphoria The Call From Within delivers.

Recently, I’ve been pulling away from all things Young Adult and this novella definitely hit the spot. There’s nothing PG13 about Dearhart Clan #1. The story is dark and the nookie is intense. It’s the perfect way to spend an hour if feeling hot and bothered is your goal. Set your expectations to “short, erotic and heart pounding” going in and you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to seeing what Eri Nelson can do with 300 pages.

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4 responses to “Review & Interview: The Call From Within by Eri Nelson

  1. Thank you Carmel for sharing your review with us today and to Eri for taking the time with this lovely interview. I tend to shy away from novellas as they seem too short and I so often want more LOL However, The Call From Within sounds live a very good read and I will be checking it out further 🙂

  2. @tamarapaulin – Well, I don’t know about long but it’ll definitely take the rainy chill away!

    @Denise Z – I hear ya, novellas can be more frustrating than fulfilling but they’re also a nice way to discover new authors that you’re not sure about.

  3. Love to see the interest in the post. Thank you so much for taking time to read it and your delightful comments.

    Carmel your right, this short story is a brief read. However its this brisk type of style allows me to renew the story quicker than perhaps the average year between books. Also as the story continues so does the length of each book.

    Where “The Call From Within” was released this past July I was able sense that time to write the second, half of the third, and the outline for the 4th while completing edits on a novella series that actually was my first project.

    Nevertheless, I understand readers wanting more and it is my deepest hope to give them that while keeping the same price of $.99 for each of the Dearhart Clan Series of books.

    Thank you for all the interest and taking the time to read the story. It is the deepest kind of praise to have another read your work…you have given me a great honor. Much gratitude to you.