Holler at a Blogger: Book Lover’s Hideaway (2)

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Ha! Well so much for my brilliant plan of launching this new feature to help me increase the number of comments I leave on blogs. The week following its launch I was so busy that I wasn’t able to meet my own goals! I’m back on track though so hopefully that mishap will NOT be repeated!

This week I’m hollering at BLHmistress from

BLHmistress is a blogger who participates in tons of memes, book tours and is always happy to grab a fellow blogger’s button to help promote a giveaway. As a result, her blog takes a little longer than most to load but it’s well worth the wait. She’s a prolific poster so you’ll find something new during nearly every visit. Also, she comments quite a bit so don’t fear that your visit will go unnoticed. Book Lover’s Hideaway is also co-hosting a Halloween Spooktacular event with tons of great guest posts and giveaways. Get your entries in now before it’s too late!

Posts I checked out this week:

Happy Commenting!

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8 responses to “Holler at a Blogger: Book Lover’s Hideaway (2)

  1. I totally love this idea. I am getting new blogs to visit from this. It is always nice when we can highlight fellow bloggers.

  2. @BLHmistress – Aaww, I didn’t want to give you more work to do! It was just an observation!

    @Kathy – Agreed! We sometimes can get so wrapped up in our on blog universe that we forget to visit others.

  3. DJL

    It was actually thanks to both BLHmistress and LupLun that I found your blog, Carmel. 🙂 You can always find something amazing in the paranormal genre on Book Lover’s Hideaway. Plus, she has a lot of author interviews, too, which is nice to get to know the creators behind the stories! BLHmistress is a great person to howl about. 🙂

  4. @Rie Conley – It can be trying as times but it’s worth it. Thanks for stopping by!

    @DJL – Good to know! I’ll have to be extra nice to her now!

  5. You are going to make me blush. I have to say a big thank you to you as well, your blog is one of the first ones I started and faithfully stop by even if I don’t comment all the time. I know I used too- got too busy lately but I hope now that things have settled down a bit I will be able to blog hop like I used too.

  6. Just noticed I miss this one. And I love BLH. The blog is awesome, and anytime I comment I always get a response. This is one of my favorite blogs.