Rabid Bites: Little Red Riding Hood Jewelry! (24)

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Here’s what’s new in the world of werewolf fiction:

New Release: Building Sanctuary by Moira Rogers

September 6, 2011

Something wilder than a nor’easter is brewing off the coast of Maine…

A Safe Harbor
Joan was turned against her will, but now that she’s part of a pack she’s determined to protect all its women. Even if that means joining forces with a witch and a vampire—and leaving the comfort of Boston.

Escorting some female wolves to safety should have been easy for former bootlegger Seamus, but their leader, a prim ex-debutante with power to match his own, challenges him in every way. Before they can build a future, though, they must free themselves from the past…and a powerful man who’s out to teach her a lesson she may not survive.

Harsh experiences prepared Victor for anything—except resisting Simone, a young refugee who rouses his inner wolf. The last thing he wants is to be just the next man who uses her.

Once adrift, Simone is fired by the chance to broker peace between werewolves and European wizards. Yet her instincts—the same ones that led to trouble before—keep drawing her back to Victor.

When a storm traps them together during a full moon, she breaks through his walls so easily the question is no longer how Victor will stay away, but how he’ll let her go…

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New Release: Shadow Kin by M.J. Scott

September 6, 2011
On one side, the Night World, rules by the Blood Lords and the Beast Kind. On the other, the elusive Fae and the humans, protected by their steadfast mages…

Born a wraith, Lily is a shadow who slips between worlds. Brought up by a Blood Lord and raised to be his assassin, she is little more than a slave. But when Lily meets her match in target Simon DuCaine, the unlikely bond that develops between them threatens to disrupt an already stretched peace in a city on the verge of being torn apart…

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New Release: Cipher by Moira Rogers

September 6, 2011
Fourteen months ago, Kat Gabriel’s life changed forever when she used her empathy as a weapon. Now she can’t escape the weight of those deaths–or the loss of the easy friendship she and Andrew once shared. Obsessed with her mother’s violent past, Kat is determined to learn the truth of her inner-darkness by understanding her legacy.

Since the attack that turned him into a wolf, Andrew Callaghan has done everything possible to make himself stronger. More capable of protecting Kat–both from the supernatural world that forced her to kill, and from their own volatile connection. Pushing her away hurt them both, but he’s finally made himself into the protector she needs.

As Kat’s quest leads her into the darkest underbelly of the psychic world, Andrew is determined to be at her side. But every step forward reopens old emotional wounds and shakes their control. For a dangerous alpha and a deadly psychic, distraction could be fatal–especially when the greatest threat they pose is to each other.

New Release: Bloodborn by Karen Kincy

September 8, 2011
Brock Koeman always hated werewolves and Others like them. While trying to trap a werewolf pack, he and his brother Chris were attacked and bitten—becoming what they have always feared and despised. While Chris fights for his life in the hospital, Brock faces another kind of battle: stifling his terrible urge to transform.

When werewolves kidnap him and the girl he loves, Brock discovers what it means to be Other—wondrous new sensations and experiences, overshadowed by constant danger—and the life that awaits him if he can ever accept his fate.

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Little Red Riding Hood Jewelry

   This lovely dangly charm necklace is in the fairytales series, with a little red riding hood theme. It has a 3d howling wolf, a wolf’s tooth (oh grandma what big teeth you have :0) an axe (when the forester kills wolfie) a little red riding hood with her basket of goodies, and some blood red charm drops. You can choose the length of chain you would like it on from 16″, 18″ or 24″. A really fun, cute theme necklace. A special & unique gift.

$18.91 CAD on eBay

What a cute necklace! It fits perfectly with my new blog design! I’m very tempted…

Have a great weekend!

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  1. DJL

    Lots of great new books coming out soon! 🙂 And goodness, look at all the reviews (especially for Fateful)! What a lovely charm, too, you always find the cutest things, Carmel. 🙂 Oh, don’t forget LupLun’s review for Bargains and Betrayals. Have a great weekend!


  2. @aobibliophile – Ha! Thanks for tempting me even further! 😉

    @DJL – It’s hard to keep up with all of the new releases. I hate having to pick and choose…

    @Lori @ Romancing the Darkside – Always happy to share the werewolf love!