Cover Crazy: Forgiven (28)

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This week I’m CRAZY about…

I like the contrast between the purple at the top and the flames at the bottom. The colors are complimentary but still distinct. Also, the way that the fire separates down the middle to make way for the city landscape gives a good sense of what this book is about: Hell’s taking over… I’m anxious to see what the US cover looks like.

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9 responses to “Cover Crazy: Forgiven (28)

  1. Doesn’t it seem a bit… I dunno… busy to you? There’s a girl, her purple background, the title text, the purple artwork, the flames, and the city in the middle. It all seems just a bit too much for me, but then I’ve always liked simple covers and not ‘throw-everything-we-have-so-people-know-what-it’s-about!’

  2. I like the flames around the city – very ominous. Not a huge fan of the “tattoo” in the middle of the cover though.

  3. I really like the title font and the way the woman is positioned above the fire as if she’s part of the rising some. The purple embellishments are nice addition, too.

  4. @Lissa – I suppose it is pretty busy but I think it suits the series. The North American version will probably be simpler.

    @Pixie – Yeah the tattoo is a bit of a turn off but the flames around the city more than make up for it!

    @Gina @ My Precious – There’s so much going on with this cover that it’s hard to single out specific elements. Everyone sees something different! I hadn’t really noticed the font until you pointed it out.

    @Laura (All of Everything) – I’m looking forward to this one too! But first I have to get around to reading the second book.

    @A Backwards Story – The flames definitely bring some intensity to this cover. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love this cover! I’m really intrigued by this series, and I might have to add it to my wishlist.


  6. Beautiful! Love the model. I’ll be starting this series soon and cannot wait! Thanks for stopping by đŸ™‚