Friday Hops (11)

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Don’t forget to enter my giveaways: Part 3 of Wolfish Giveaway (stay tuned part 4 is launching tomorrow!) and The Calling Giveaway. Both closing this weekend. Happy Friday, now on with the hops!

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This week’s question:
What is the book you are currently ‘pushing’?
(Pushing mean trying to get people to read it)

This week I’m all about the Fever series. A MUST!

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Book Blogger Hop

This week’s question: What are you reading now and why are you reading it?

I’m reading Dreamfever because I’ve read the three other books and am hooked on the series. Also, because I’m have a few bloggers tell me that I absolutely HAVE to read it. Boy were they right!

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Do you prefer to read erotic novella’s or novels?

I prefer novellas


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28 responses to “Friday Hops (11)

  1. New follower as of last week but wanted to share just how much I *love* the look of your blog. Look forward to be reading more from you!

    Have a fabu weekend!


  2. Old follower stopping by. I’ve read all but the last Fever book. Was able to get the last 3 all at the same time and read them back to back.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. @Redd Thanks! 🙂 I’ve followed you back. A fellow wolf fan after my own heart!

    @Jessica Yeah, I know what you mean! I just finished Dreamfever. ARRRGHH! LOL

    @Kristina How are you still delaying reading Shadowfever?! You must have an iron will!

  4. Hey Carmel,
    Old follower dropping by for the Crazy for Books Friday Follow — hope that you have a great weekend, and glad to hear you’re enjoying the Karen Marie Moning series 🙂


  5. Ing

    New follower stopping by through the 18&over tag along. I love your site. Very nice!

    I haven’t read any KMM books yet..I know gasp of I hope to get to her sometime this year!

    Great place and will definitely be stopping by! Have a great weekend.

  6. HI hopping through thanks for stopping by- you must read the BDB Brotherhood series its amazing 🙂

    I will be feverish too as soon as I start Darkfever 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Hi Carmel! Thanks for stopping by our blog at Book Lover’s Hideaway ( We appreciate our friends. 🙂

    I too am a huge Fever fan! My son’s fiance just borrowed the first book from me and the very next day came back and asked me if I had the others. Of course I did. 🙂 Have you read Karen’s Highlander books? I hear they are good too.

    Have a great weekend! See you on the net!

  8. @Darkeva Thanks for following me on Twitter and GR. I’ve returned the favor!

    @Megan Marie You should get around to it ASAP. Trust me!

    @Kristy Nicole Happy Friday indeed!

    @Ing Welcome and thanks for the praise! I’m off to hop and follow you in return. 🙂

    @BLHmistress I’ll get to that series soon enough. Enjoy the Fever!

    @Tribute Books Mama Thanks for the link.

    @Sniffly Kitty They are. Depends on the storyline I guess. I like r-rated action as much as the next girl but if it takes up too much of the book my interest goes down…

    @Kelly Haha that’s a great story about lending the first book out only to have her come back for more the following day.

    @Jenni Elyse Thanks for stopping by!

    @Bethany Non-bookish friends can be a tough crowd sometimes!

    @Kay You sure do! LOL

    @Lucia Everything you’ve heard is all true!

    @Laura (All of Everything) – You won’t regret it! Well you might once you get sucked into the series but that’s a good thing!

    @Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) – Happy to participate. I’ll be back for sure!

  9. @Rhonda Tutt – I already read Winter Wishes it was quite good! Hope you enjoy it!

    @Howard Sherman – You weren’t kidding. That is embarrassing! LOL 😉

    @Miss Remmers – Thanks! I’m a new follower of yours now as well!

    @Barb – Definitely filled with books! And snowboarding, and bridesmaid dress shopping, and, etc. You know how it is!

    @Alison – Yup, it’s stellar!

  10. Hey Girl, hoppin on by real quick with the 18+. Late as usual. *g* I like to read both but I prefer Novels. I like getting totally wrapped up in a ‘story’ 😉 for a few hundred pages. I hope you had a great weekend!