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I had originally started to read Shift before Prey as the later wasn’t available at the bookstore. I quickly found myself lost and put the book aside until I was able to acquire the 4th novel. The story picks-up right where it left off from the last book. Only a few days have elapsed. I would recommend starting at the beginning of this series and working your way through. There’s so much going on in each book that by skipping one you’ll miss key parts of the story. Also, Vincent does her best to bring you up to speed but her books are lacking in that regard. They’re definitely meant to be read in chronological order.

Shift is as action packed as its predecessor with one main difference: the characters are dealing with one major problem as opposed to many. This makes the plot a little easier to follow as it’s not jumping back and forth but it’s not as enthralling of a read. Overall, I enjoyed this book but I did not think that it was the best of the Shifters series so far. I don’t think Rachel is capable of writing a dull werecats novel; at least not with Faythe as the main character. The combination of the heroine’s stubbornness and of how she just seems to attract trouble like a magnet keep the storyline from ever getting dull.

This story begins with a gathering of all of the alphas and their enforcers who have chosen to align with the South-Central pride. They are plotting their approach in the upcoming war against their rival prides scheduled to commence in two days time. An attempt is made to snatch Kaci (one of their precious tabbies) from their land. However, the attackers came from above which left everyone shocked and completely unprepared. Afterwards, the alphas identify the kidnappers: Thunderbirds, a species of bird shifters that haven’t been seen in over a quarter of a century. Things escalate from here; an enforcer dies while several others are injured. Marc, Jace and Faythe end up in a race against time fighting to save themselves and the fate of their pride.

Faythe appears to have grown up a lot in this book. She thinks before she acts and is slowly becoming alpha material but isn’t quite there yet. This book had minimal sexual content compared to the other novels of this series which I found to be a little disappointing. It’s not the reason why I’ve made it this far in the series but is definitely an added bonus and something that I look forward to! Shift was a good book and a necessary addition in the storyline before the series’ conclusion in the one remaining book but it could have been so much more.

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